20 thoughts on “The only answer to Cancer by Dr. Coldwell Part 8 of 8

  1. In what country does he practice ? He must not be in the U.S. or they would haul him off to jail!! I also don’t understand how Dr. Brian Clement can make statemens and avoid legal issues. Can you answer this Paul, because I am confused about the Hippocrates Health Institute…..do they claim to treat disease or do they have to claim they are for educational purposes only?

  2. Thank you Paul for posting these videos and big thanks to Dr Leonard Coldwell too … you both talk sense and I felt I could and do trust you both immediately.
    Thank you and Leonard for your integrity, your good hearts and all that you are sharing to support and empower folks with their good health … as Leonard says, ‘it’s not rocket science’. 😉

  3. Yesterday I discharged myself from a hospital which I’d entered with suspected appendicitis, but inconclusive testing indicated there may be other causes for the pain and inflammation in that area … the doctors were drawing diagrams and showing me what they thought they would be cutting out of my body … the doctors were talking possible cancer and tumor … I told them that I knew what stresses and emotional/psychological causes lay behind my condition and my diet hasn’t been optimal .

  4. My diet is now SUGARFREE and will be mostly raw, live, fresh organic foods, green juices, wheatgrass etc. and I’ll increase the oxygen levels in my blood, drink 4 litres of water with himalayan rock salt, maybe take some bi-carb, exercise, get my garden growing, play my guitar and sing more again … enjoy sharing love with all my children and grandchildren more and get decent sleeps etc. I feel grateful for the wake-up call and excited about putting top priority on my health.
    Thanks again.

  5. I’m also healing and clearing the emotional/psychological components of my ‘dis-ease’ and will be nourishing my spirit daily … I’ve shared these four postings here to encourage others because it was NOT pleasant being in the mainstream hospital culture and being told in a matter or fact way what they thought my ‘options’ were …

  6. If you send a personal email enquiring about a consultation with ‘Dr Coldwell’, you’ll get a reply saying that it costs…… (cough cough) $35,000/hour! Go on, try it and see for yourself how much this shonk charges! Why promote him?

  7. The far best stress reducing therapy in the market is Tapping like TFT/EFT/Neuro Tapping. It solves the rot causes quickly, often and always without any kind of danger.
    This doctor are totally right in his view about this.

  8. This information is an eye opener to alot of people but not to me because l know is true. Even hiv/aids can be cured completely with 3 african herbs.Reffering ti what the Holy Spirit told me when l was praying for a woman dieing of hiv/aids.even mango juice and fee other fruits can make the victims healthier than those taking arv drugs.

  9. As much as I am impressed with and like doctor cold well’s style, I get discouraged when he keeps talking about his bible and Christian brothers!!! He degrades his objectivity as a Doctor to a subjective Religious man!!!! He should avoid entering religion into his style of practice.

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