In part 6 Dr. Coldwell gives more information and makes statements that no other person can make. Simply he has the cure for cancer! This video is a must see for anyone serious about their health.


16 thoughts on “The only answer to cancer by Dr. Leonard Coldwell Part 6

  1. omg.. did he say oleander tea?!?! That is so dangerous to just toss that out there without mentioning oleander can kill you! o_o
    I’d love to know if avoiding getting a pap smear is an ok thing to do if your a raw foodist.. Necro hates papsmears! o_o

  2. I would highly suggest using an downloader tool from you tube and put this on your hard drive. Anytime you talk against Big Pharma they find a way to censor you.

  3. actually i’ve been avoiding doctors most of my life because I learned at a young age, they didn’t have my best interest at heart. o_o I’ll go to them if i have an emergency. yes. and I have. and regretted it because I’m still trying to heal from the damage they did to me.

  4. I have so much respect for this man. Unfortunately, there are those sheepy people who believe that there is no cure to cancer unless chemotherapy or radiation is administered. I find that it actually causes cancer in the long run. Keep up the good work in informing the public, Dr. Coldwell.

  5. Awesome! the true pioneers of further exploration or researchers like this man, who are what is greatly needed in these clogged up traffic bottle neck medical scientific hold up times of today!?I.e.the hold up studies into medical remedies such as cannabis oil hemp, sodium bicarbonates, Apricot and apple seeds, ect..not to mention the Dr. R., Royal Rife. Whose inventions of using a ray frequency via crystals and exposing a virus to certain frequencies of radio waves killed it quickly?

  6. @sownzgr8 Traditional allopathic medicine STRONGLY discourages alternative treatments. Cancer rates are not sky high in folks who eat minimally processed foods. Long term studies on Adventists show dramatically lower cancer rates in those who were “vegan”. Google study cancer rates Adventist

  7. eat as many as you like. What’s the concern? I am sure you’ve looked at the youtub video The Cholesterol Lie? If not, take a look and research the issue.

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