Today on my show I have one of the most amazing people in the world, Dr. Leonard Coldwell. He knows more about healing cancer than anyone in the world! I have a bunch of videos to post. This is only part one and each part gets better and better. You can visit his site at

“The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest”
Learn more and get the series at this link:


19 thoughts on “The Only Answer to Cancer with Dr. Leonard Coldwell Part 1

  1. Anyone can add or correct information on Wikipedia. If the information isn’t true why doesn’t it get corrected?

    There is no scientific evidence that vaccines cause autism or cancer. Vaccines have saved millions of lives.

    Measles are okay? Tell that to the pregnant woman who is exposed to measles and then goes on to deliver a deformed baby.

  2. I see on your page that you have beaten cancer. If you don’t mind my asking, what cancer did you have, and were there any other treatments? Is there a publication documenting your success?

  3. Just because your mother had measles as a child doesn’t give YOU immunity! The newborn receives some antibody protection from breast milk right after birth but NO immunity to measles long term.

  4. Measles are caused by a VIRUS( paramyxovirus) NOT vitamin A.

    It’s been found that in children who haven’t been vaccinated for measles, poor nutrition and vitamin deficiencies,and vitamin A in particular, have a higher chance of being infected.And if they ARE infected, will have a higher chance of complications like corneal abrasion.

  5. People interested may like to research Salvestrols. Professor Burke of Aberdeen University discovered that all cancer cells have CYP1B1 enzyme. Professor Potter at De Montfort University discovered natural compounds that transform CYP1B1 enzyme into anti-cancer agents without harming normal cells. Google ‘salvestrol case studies’ and google ‘Salvestrol Platinum’ pills. For a non-invasive method of measuring the cancer google ‘Navarro Medical Clinic HCG’ This post is for research purposes only.

  6. Promoting optimal health for the individual so your body functions more effectivelly and fights whatever is that your suffering should be the primary focus on the medical establishment.You can’t deny there is a health deficiencie epedemic in the U.S & other parts of the world. One should! be careful were he gets his info & question it, especially the agancies or establishments that got us to this crisis.

  7. There is NO money in health. Health is simple. Illnesses are made to see complicated so we need ‘health care professionals,’ which are really sickness promoters and maintainers. There is NO shortage of doctors, only lack of wellness information and there are far too many trying to kill us off, after they fleece us preferably. That’s how it is. Rockefeller and Carnegie money started the whole mess–FOR PROFIT, obscene profit. Of course there are cures for cancer and everything else.

  8. Hey durianking, love your vids and feelin the message but i gotta tell you.
    LEONARD COLDWELL HAS BEEN DONE FOR SEXUAL CRIMES and continues to convince sick and helpless woman that bending over on his table is a cure for their illness as they nheed ‘energy reallignment’.
    THIS IS NO JOKE PLEASE LOOK IT UP. also his friend kevin trudeau is a total liar. Dont just disagree with me, look it up please please please remove this interview.

  9. bullcrap – people have healed cancer on macrobiotics – any one who says they have or know the only cure for cancer is a liar –

  10. Nature, nature, nature. Go into the woods and eat some mushrooms or berries you find. Don’t bother finding out what they are, they’re all natural so they’re good for you.

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