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I've tried many different types of Natural toothpaste from the health food store. I"m convinced nothing is better than the item in this video. You won't believe what I am using. It's amazing.

You can order Earthpaste at this link:


20 thoughts on “The Only Toothpaste a Raw Food Eater Should Use

  1. This looks like a good product but there are other options. Sea salt and water. Vicco vajradanti ayurvedic toothpowder from your local Indian ( hindu) store. Periodically , goldenseal tea to really clean the mouth – its herbal vitamin c. Periodically as well baking soda and water into a paste to clean the mouth. Supplemental vitamin c can help the health of the gums and vitamin d for the teeth.

  2. In my quest to brush teeth with healthy stuff, I have used peroxide for many years. So I am used to having liquid in my mouth to brush. That said, I have added to that tea tree oil and also a clay mix with diatomaceous earth, salt and baking soda. Much cheaper.

  3. I am putting the peroxide and tea tree into my mouth first and adding the clay powder. So it gets soaked right away. I have alot of experience with DE. I know not to breathe if I take it dry. Been there, done that!

  4. I found this maybe a year ago at my local health food store and like it very much. I have used the cinnamon and peppermint versions. I like that there are only a few, healthful ingredients as Paul mentioned. I have tried many “healthy” toothpastes and some still have ingredients that I don’t want, such as glycerin. My teeth were sensitive to some of them. There were powders I liked but they kind of got all over the place. This really fit the bill and I am still using it.

  5. Yes, earthpase is awesome! I’ve been using it for about six months now and I love it. I’ll never use any other toothpaste. Earthpase is definitely the best.

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