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18 thoughts on “The Order of Yahweh

  1. How can you tell if a woman is virtuous in these times where the majority of their spirits are given to the enemy? I was taught that we have to be equally yoked.

    • Where is policing in the scriptures? We are to bring two witnesses to leadership to bring an accusation. Where is medical science? Any who are sick are to go to leadership for fervent effectual prayer. Yes, we do do good on the Sabbath, but you have to re-define good in terms of the Torah, not the way things are working as of now in the world.

    • Shabbat is a dedication of worship praise and prayer and can be done even while working. And to the mocker, our Lord loves justice and order and is keeping a hold of all military and police that are doing what they’re told, and you should’nt laugh, your police are no good to you because you don’t pray for them. If you listened to KLove radio you’d hear righteous, selfless stories all the time with law enforcement. It’s your duty to get on your knees and plead the words of your heart

    • Joseph Jones  I won’t listen to so called christian pop music on the radio coming from places like klove HQ in California or Moody radio HQ in Chicago and you need to learn the meaning of Shabbat. Shabbat or Sabbath means rest, not work. Justice, you mean TORAH justice or the evil amerocan justice that you are brainwashed to believe is righteous?

    • +Jenna Caruthers just think you you could not play on your phone if it was not some one working on the Sabbath. To do good is to bring electricity to people. And so on, this is why Jesus came to fill the law. Jesus him self plucked corn on the Sabbath and healed people. So go right ahead and live under the law, I think I will be able to live under the law of Jesus Christ (the Testament) God bless you and I hope you read the Gospel of st. Matthew.

    • Jenna Caruthers Hospitals are not off limit on the Shabbat! You have wives at home that have babies delivered on the Shabbat! You have some people who suffer serious injuries on the Shabbat such as breaking a arm, leg etc… that need medical attention IMMEDIATELY! Healing is apart of the Shabbat (Deuteronomy 5:15)! It represents Father YAHWEH’s deliverance to the Israelites out of Egypt. Father YAHWEH’s Shabbat is a “DELIGHT” (Isaiah 58:13)! On the Shabbat we are to refrain from secular work (Exodus 20:8)! BUT this does not include those that work at hospitals, police station’s etc… The only time its forbidden is if they want you to be an a artical etc… on the Shabbat which they can wait another time to do! Crimes take place on the Shabbat of people getting shot etc… And detectives have to be at the crime scene on the Shabbat to analyze as to what took place! Don’t put to much emphasis on the Shabbat, that’s what the Pharisees did (Matthew 15:9). In the Mishnah Tractate Shabbat, their are alot of unnecessary rules that the rabbinical leaders tried to burdened people with that had nothing to do with Torah (Luke 11:46)! Yes work is prohibited on the Shabbat BUT not work dealing with emergency issues!

  2. Ahmein brother Paul. HaSatan seeks out the weakness in the family unit and infects to destroy through dis-order which is the opposite of Yah’s plan. Male leadership and strong Torah faith is what is missing in many families today. Praise Yah!

  3. YHWH’s order is perfect. And so one must consider being in alignment with that. Or you’ll be out of alignment. There is a perfect order for individuals, for families, and for society. We CAN live this order here and now, and get that much more beyond the reach of the adversary and the world.

    “Married” is a very fluid term. “What God has joined together” is not the same as getting a license, standing in front of a clergy person. We have to rethink marriage and shed the inculcated beliefs of the world, as well. Yes, it is orderly. But one must first consider what qualifies as a marriage.

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