6 thoughts on “The Original Diet of Man #335

  1. healthiest way to be raw vegan? riiiiiiiiiiiiiight, where’s the vitamin b12? vitamin D?

    Jesus ate meat, how is the vegan diet in the bible?
    “He [Jesus] said to them: Do you have any food? And they gave him a piece of BROILED FISH and some HONEY. And HE TOOK IT AND ATE IT in front of them.” Luke 24:41-43

    try being vegan living in the wild. most of the fruits/vegetables we see in stores today do not even grow in the wild because they’re man made.

  2. Dr Israel looks great can’t try and say the vegan diet is not working for her.
    In modern times we can be vegan. 100 years ago maybe not so easy to be vegan.
    We live in the times of imported and enginered food so any diet is easy now.

  3. The original diet of man was not of meat and grains, but fruits vegetables and nuts and seeds.

    there was a women about a few years ago who ate mostly fruits and vegetables and she lived to be 130 years old.

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