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44 thoughts on “The Pope To Change The Ten Commandments!

    • +michaleyah
      By the way that was the Ayatollah of Iran that said America was the big satan and Israel the little satan! Yeah…you’ve been shown to be a liar!

    • +michaleyah
      I am to point out evil where ever I find it..I’m here warning folks against men like this and men like you!
      Ephesians 5:11
      New American Standard Bible (NASB)
      11 Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead even [a]expose them;

    • +michaleyah
      This guy and his cult has been on the net pulling this crap for years, this is not the first time I’ve called them out on this and it won’t be the last! You cannot discern anyones spirit but satans because the Holy Spirit does not abide in you!
       You’re talking about me and you’re on here blatantly lying about the Prime Minister of Israel? I’ve not told a lie, you have!  I’m guessing and probably an accurate guess is your a muslim on here spreading lies to make the PM of Israel look bad! You failed! You best have a shrink examine you!

    • +John Doe God promised never to flood the entire earth again, that’s why he put the sign of the Rainbow in the sky as his covenant (promise). We get floods, but they are not global like the one Noah went through. But, if you look at 2 Peter 3:10 as well as in a few other parts of the Bible in the old testament and new testament you will see FIRE mentioned. I firmly believe that God will use FIRE to destroy all the wickedness upon this earth. See also 2 Peter 3:7 the earth will be reserved for FIRE. The planet itself will remain intact just as it did during the flood in Noah’s time. It is just the things upon its surface. Even in Revelation there are a group of angels; ones with bowls and ones with trumpets. Even in those verses you will find FIRE as the element of destruction. I agree with you about too man false prophets and yes a big majority of people are following these guys because they like having their ears tickled. Some day these people will get a very harsh surprise, but then it will be a bit too late unless they wake up and realize they are being duped by these demons posing as angels of light.

  1. Pastor Dowell, as a catholic new to hebrew roots, the article came as a shock and immediatelly started searching the web for backing data. I read the sermon at Guayaquil and watched it here https://www.aciprensa.com/noticias/texto-completo-homilia-del-papa-sobre-la-familia-en-el-parque-samanes-en-guayaquil-54183/ in Spanish. He only speaks about the importance of the family. I’ve also searched the web about father Federico Lombardi, in English, Italian and Spanish and only found the changes called Motu Propio, about changes to the Vatican’s financial changes brought about by the Pope. I don’t want to defend the undefendable, but perhaps realnewsrightnow.com should come up with the sources, as thus far…the story seems unfounded.

    • +charlie brown Question though. The fact that they’ve already changed the commandments some time ago without an “uproar” means something. The Sabbath transitioning to the Lord’s day for example. That was allegedly the “power of the catholic church”
      How much of a biggie was/is that…

    •   Oh, no, when I asked how much of a biggie was the previous change, it was a rhetorical question directed at Charlie Brown, since he alluded that there would be an uproar on news etc if a more recent change were to happen.

      But yes, I agree with you…. better sacrifice plus the holy spirit poured out. 

    • +Bill Ebert Don’t use Snopes dude. They only say in refuting the story is that they don’t like the source. Doesn’t prove a hoax. All Barbara and David Mikkelson did was search on Google. That’s not research.

      I have the 2:48 minute sermon and am translating it now.

  2. i agree with what you say about the Catholic church . when you say Christian with venom it is insulting and degrading to people struggling to find the truth. ive been kicked out of every church imaginable in the Protestant denominations i challenge their teachings and flip flopping on laws of the OT. but stating the new testament is not gospel is difficult to understand especially as you preach and teach Christs words and works. I dont care if black people are true israelites or not. because im white and not hebrew. im gentile and lost. ive wandered all my life just trying to make sense of things and find the one true church of the one and only Almighty.

    • I feel ya. I’ve been kicked out of a church for not putting in a basket the priest was having everyone pass around. He noticed due to not many people were there. I asked him why should I. is it for god or for you. of course he said for our god. I told him to read one of the commandments.
      I’ll be damned to give money to god. I told him giving you money is not gonna get me a ticket to heaven. instead of the Priest talking calmly to me he asked me to leave in a humiliating way.
      he was actually enraged from my saying. & I was right

  3. The website source for this report, Realnewsrightnow, is not a credible source. My research has not found this report to be true. HOWEVER, we will know them by their deeds (and we do). Laws have indeed changed and quite possibly with the unannounced complicity of roman religious leadership. Wicked heathens!

  4. I sure hope you read this pastor . But you have been fooled . The pope Francis story is a fraud , did you look at the website that it was published on ? The story is made up and I sure would hope a person like you did better research before posting such garbage .. Why as Christians are we so gullible .. please revive the store and stop spreading lies or at a minimum false stories ..

  5. Hmmm…. Point out that the article claiming the pope was going to change the Ten Commandments was fake and was written by a website like “The Onion”, or let the moron who isn’t smart enough to realize he read a fake news article continue to humiliate himself by keeping this video posted?

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