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12 thoughts on “The Power of Forgiveness

  1. What does forgiveness looks like????? because i feel like i forgive them , I just want nothing to do with them again or as little to nothing at all. If they need something and I have it to give ill give it. But I can’t have them keep walking into my life, only to destroy my mental. Before I use to forgive and give people countless chance to take advantage of my kindness, and it cost me too much financially and emotionally.

    • @black night, I feel the same way with most people. I feel it’s safer to keep poisonous people at a distance, but if they ever came to me wanting to talk about Yahwah and His Kingdom, there would obviously be more room for forgiveness.

    • @jessecavalieri not even that with me ever again, they use it as an invitation to get back in your good grace only to sabotage you again . I was given this topic a lot of thought after looking at the video. And the Bible say dont be unevenly yoke. Some of these people just need to keep far from.

    • @black night The Word of God also says “If thy hand offendeth thee cut it off, if thy eye offendeth thee pluck it out.” If they are a stumbling block it is best to remove them from your life… Furthermore, sometimes it is easier to love and forgive at a distance…

    • @black night true, some people are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Discernment is key, which conveniently was yesterday’s video on this channel

  2. I needed this. I always forgave the man who keeps leaving me thismorng he text me a mean message made me cry and hurt. I HAD to forgive him and pray or I would not want to live. I’m going stay single and heal mean people away like that

  3. Thank you. A powerful message brother Paul. It’s the ones that are hardest to love, that we need to love the most, because forgiveness is the hardest part of love to give.

  4. hello, I have a question..I can’t find one of your videos on juicer machine..what kind of juicer machine do you use..I am trying to buy a juicer and I need help..Thanks..

  5. So true, Bro. Paul, l realize that if I hated someone, they have control of me. By forgiving them, even if it doesn’t help that person, it will help me. Hate will destroy you! That’s what Satan wants to do.

  6. Yes brother you are speaking to me. The Almighty is talking to me about forgiveness, you are like the second or third person who talks about forgiveness extending fo others

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