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Rev. George Malkmus of Hallelujah Acres explains how at 42 he was healed of colon cancer. Up till that time he believed the Bible was only a spiritual book and spiritual issues but later he found out that it is also a physical book and also teaches about diet and health also.


21 thoughts on “The Raw Food Diet Saved My Life!

    • Yep, it’s doing grace with yourself too. A sin is doing something against your natur and purpose, God made us healthy and good souls, and that is also our purpose to be good and do good with ourselves and the world! Choose good, choose life!

  1. you are wonderful,
    I am one of eleven children. my mother when in her 40’s was diagnosed with melanoma which metastasized to her brain. she lived five years because of a raw food diet. when doctors told her that it was too late she stopped eating her diet and she subsequently died. I am so proud of her for having this thinking during the 70’s when information wasn’t available as it is today. I wish she hadn’t given up of course but it is a tragic lesson for everyone.

  2. Big problem! Malkmus NEVER had cancer. He is a liar. He went to a Chiropractor, who felt a “lump” in his abdomen. Malkmus NEVER had any tests done to determine what that was(admits this himself). He could have simply been constipated. This diet is also harmful and lacking in important nutrients, like B12, Vitamin D, and Calcium, to name a few. It is also very high in Beta-Carotene, which studies have shown to actually cause cancer.

    • Cushie Survivor only syntetic form of beta-caroten taken as supplement is cancerogenic but it is NEVER toxic in carrot/carrot juice regardless of the intake. But I do agree that raw vegan diet is great for cleansing ONLY and maximum duration shouldn’t extend 3 months. God given diets for optimal health are the diets of indigenous peoples dr Weston Price described in his book.

    • Cushie Survivor First of all Vitamin D comes from exposing our skin to the sun light. Secondly do you know where the B 12 in meat comes from? It comes originally from the plants that animals eat, nowadays animals are raised indoors so they give them shots of B 12 that you then get from the animal cadavers that you eat. Just do a research please and find out. Watch the new documentary ‘what the health’, you find it on youtube. Good luck with your toxic diet of meat!

    • Well as a 15 year old who has been vegan for 5 years and competes in MMA torments and does extreme physical activity I ha dmanu problems with my health as as soon as I went vegan all that got fixed and guess what …. you can get plenty B12 from eating raw plants and the calcium in milk isn’t properly digested by humans just think when people drink too much milk or dairy they throw up or get nauseas beacuse we can’t digest it and that milk is meant for its calves NOT for human consuption and in fact 85% of Americans and Canadians get up to 40% extra protein which just turns to fat and in-fact can get complete nutrition from the vegan diet and I have for 5 years so good luck with your toxic diet mabye one day take the videos advice 😜😂

  3. One of the most amazing and inspiring testimonies. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Hallelujah! As a raw vegan myself, I totally appreciate these glorious truths presented and the wonderful, shining example of Rev. George Malkmus. Thank you!

  4. Awsome Awesomeness!!!!!!
    I am NOT crazy!! 😂😂
    Everyone thinks I’m nuts! But I KNOW the way people eat today, is not the way God intended. And then add being a Christian!…haha! Raw plant based CHRISTIANS are a rare bread in my neck of the woods……hahaha……😀🙏🏼🙏🏼 But I am so happy with my choice to follow this lifestyle. I know it’s truth & God smiles on that. Thnx for ur videos! Woot Woot!! Keep it up!!

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