Some people have misunderstood my last video about the raw food diet not working to avoid disease.

Of course this is a big misunderstanding, because the raw food diet is the best way to eat to prolong your life and avoid disease.

The point of my video was that even with such a high quality diet, there are no guarantees that you will remain free of disease.

From a scientific view point, it does make sense. You want to keep your body as clean as possible. I don't like to compare the human body to a car, but if I take care of my car, keep it clean and give it the best gas, there are still no guarantees it won't break down. It would just make sense, since you took care of it everything should be okay.

Your body is like that in a way, if you take care of it, it will take care of you.

It makes a lot of sense to eat the food we were designed to consume.

In this new video, I explain why and how eating raw food is the best food for the body.

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11 thoughts on “The Raw Food Diet Still Works

  1. Paul, God put animals on the planet to eat, that being said, the animals are so polluted with hormones, steroids and fed pig parts that they are no longer a viable option to ingest.    The high priests during sin offering ate the lamb afterwards 🙂 Being RAW today is the only true way to health.    Do the people on Fri night Shabott eat RAW, me thinks not.

  2. I’m a raw foodist myself, but isn’t it interesting that the longest living populations eat a majority cooked plant based diet with meat occasionally once a month or so? Google Ikaria Greece – The island where people forget to die – It’s a lovely documentary. 

    It’s evident that diet alone isn’t the key. It’s your complete way of life, i.e., stressors, physical activity, diet, emotional health, disposition, rest, clean air, clean water, etc… 

    Thanks for another awesome video!!

    • +InfoZenn I would guess it is because they are consuming a more comprehensive nutritional profile, i.e. fish, in conjunction with a heavily focused plant diet.

      this is not to say the plant diet is inferior, but rather, as a rule, more difficult to properly fulfil – particularly so in these times.

      which is to say, when we choose to live by a vegetarian diet we should also endeavour to include a wholesome selection of foods to ensure optimal benefits (e.g. I should try to include more dark green leaves in my cooking)

  3. You friend Fred Bisci has some good thoughts on why some on a raw food diet continue to get sick and others on a raw food diet don’t live much past others that are not. Maybe you can pick his brain and give us a video on his thoughts. Or maybe even do a video with him. Bless you Paul!

  4. I understand your point 100%. There are some raw foodists out there who don’t exercise, are sleep deprived, always indoors, etcetera. It’s very obvious that diet alone is not enough, but a complete healthy lifestyle. Thank you for your presentation. 😊

  5. Thank soo much for your info regarding raw food diet and i belive it does frevent to all kind of deases becouse the Almaghty God already reveal many years ago through the Bible. It is werittren in the book of Genesis before even we are born Maranata Salom

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