Michael Rood shares his life story — and insight for what's coming next! Learn how he came to the Hebrew roots of his faith in a movie theater, why he got started in ministry, and what may be coming in 2017… that is going to make the crash of 2008 look like a walk in the park!

From Baptist befuddlement and a passion for his Ashkenazi heritage to a calling to make sense of the Almighty’s prophetic timeline, The Real Michael Rood takes you behind the scenes of a lifelong calling.

“We’re looking at the countdown to the confirmation of the covenant; get ready! This is not a time for fear. We’ve been given a word that is now coming to light — this is the pinnacle of the restoration of Israel. We have a job to do — to be a light to the gentiles… through a Jewish window.”

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9 thoughts on “The Real Michael Rood: His Life, Israel and The Prophetic

  1. Very good video Michael, I don’t know if this is it or their will be more but I always wondered if their would ever be a Michael Rood exposed “part 2” of even more into your journey into the ministry you are in now, I even heard before that someone tried to steal your ministry before? Don’t know if true but that is something that would be interesting to hear of a Michael Rood exposed part 2. Now a question or thought, it’s say that the end will not come until the gospel/good news is proclaimed in all the world rite, so let’s say with all parts being shown even remotely ones of the world and this is about to be fulfilled or as am sitting here thinking is it really.. if what you say about most churches are true and what they do especially with our traditional holidays and not doing the feasts and many other things wouldn’t that mean like you say the true gospel of the kingdom is Not being proclaimed and in a sense the end may not come for a very long long time? Just a thought I had thanks, Shalom.

  2. Ever since Hollywood started revealing their evilness through their films, hardly anyone goes to see them any more, I asked the people in my household if they would like for me to get television just for the noise in the house they said “we won’t watch it anyway” no one is interested in their evil. That tells me that there are a majority of Americans that are good upstanding people who like our freedom of religion, like our mom apple pie and baseball, there are a lot of people who are mad about their anti GOD legislation, in fact our state voted no to gay marriage and the supreme court passed it anyway. GOD see’s all and HE is looking at the hearts of the people. FATHER YAHWEH can help us and I think America has spoken loud and clear that the majority of Americans are not on board with their satanic plans. And there are so many of us Americans who love YAHWEH’S people Israel and we always will. What ever happens we all need to stand for what is right , KING YAHSHUA will be coming back to truly drain the swamp and HE will cast the whole lot of them into the lake burning with brimstone and fire and HE will set this earth back to HIS original design of paradise with out those evil you know whats.

  3. YAHWEH please bless you Michael bless you and keep you . Keep preaching the word , thank you for the truth you have been comminsioned to bring to the world. May YAHWEH please bless you abundantly for your obedience to HIM our Beautiful CREATOR FATHER YAHWEH THE GREAT I AM , KING of the Universe and the MIGHTY KING YAHSHUA MESSIAH of the world. GOD did tell me to love my neighbor but HE also asked who my neighbor was, and that was the good Samaritan who stoped to help the man found left for dead along the road and paid the inn keeper to dress his wounds… that is our neighbor.Love the Brethren

  4. So many GOD tells us will wash their robes white and make them clean that no man can number them. The people of the world are rejecting their evil plans YAHWEH’S word is starting to come to pass. HalleluYAH!

  5. Looking back on this after watching it a couple of times it makes more and more sense. Michael ought to time stamp these at the beginning because it’s history in the making.

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