You WILL not hear this is public school or private school and now you know the real reason why Glen Beck was fired from FOX News.

Please watch: "Wood Stoves and Fire places are being banned"



40 thoughts on “The Real Truth About America History

    • +HanzoMishima Do you know the story of the 100th monkey?

      After the Nuke tests in the pacific, the scientist wanted to know how long it would take for life to prosper again, so they re-populated the island with 10,000 monkeys.

      The problem was that monkeys eat coconuts and the husk on them were all radiated.  So scientist taught about half a dozen monkeys to wash them first.

      Those monkeys taught others, and they taught others.  10, 20, 30. out of 10,000.

      But, when the 100th monkey started washing them, all of a sudden, all 10,000 started doing it.

      Our goal is to keep educating people until we reach the 100th monkey, and the rest finally just get it.

    • yes it is a trick actually. they only want to continue separating americans by races and groups by calling out racist days and keeping dark skinned people mad at white people..atleast thats what i got from this clip

  1. I knew about James Amistead from an episode of Liberty’s Kids lol. It’s actually a decent show for kids learning the history of the founding period of the U.S.A.

  2. Amazing! Being an American patriot who loves his country I’ve always had the greatest respect and gratitude for what our founders fought and died for, and I’m a little pissed off that I’ve never heard of these men. I’m going to stay home this weekend and learn everything I can about our forgotten founders so that I can pay them the respect their sacrifices deserve.

  3. Good history, but doesn’t erase the fact that a majority of black people lived in poor/abusive conditions. Despite the great black Hero’s sacrifice and contributions, the whites in power allowed and ignored the abuse of black Americans.

  4. I knew this history, I didn’t need Good Ole Glen Beck to show this on FOX News special. This history should be taught as regular curriculum instead only during Black History month.

  5. News flash there are Black Mens signatures on the original constitution…….. People don’t know history. Jusy like the First Black President was before George Washington …. Fact

    • +sunfishdana  Library of congress. Funny every truth is written there. Like if you know legalize or have ref materials to translate you can read for yourself the slaves where never freed. The ownership of the slaves was transferred to the government. Some things are in front of your face. Like when you change content and meaning in a legal document it gets a new name and is a new document. No in the library of congress there are two constitutions. one written by our forefathers Named the Constitution for these united States of America. Yet you and most of the population believe the Constitution of the United States is some how the same document meaning the same thing.  You want clickable proof you simply can not get. This also is a security blanket which allows you to dump uncomfortable truths. There is one document that says you are the ruler of your life in a free republic. The other says you live in a democracy where your rights are the whim of a majority vote. Some idiot school teacher told you they where exactly the same. Did you demand they prove it?

    • +Edgrot
      Lets look at this without the attitude.
      Was this Constitution ratified at the same time as the original, did the same people sign it and same people draft it??

    • +sunfishdana  No it was not. You do have a huge learning curve but that is fine. Original was finally ratified in 1791. The Constitution of the United States was in 1871 when the papal palace retook America. The new Constitution came via stealth and the congressional action was actually called “The Organic Act of 1871”. You can read this in full unedited at the Library of Congress. Nothing these slobs have done is a secret. All written down for you to read. Problem is instead of reading it we listen to school talking heads from small to advanced, Hollywood, plays, and the corp media.  Research the Moores or Moorish Princes signing the American Constitution. These are African princes whom owned land voted the whole nine. Owned many slaves, yes Black men owning black men in our nation. Who would have thought. After Lincoln was dealt with by the Banks men, the government at gun point removed Congress men and replaced them to pass the “Organic Act of 1871”. I also tell you this is but part of the pie as many forces are at play here not just bankers.

    • +sunfishdana Ugh again 1791 when the actual Republic flag was ratified. Blue stars white and red vertical lines. White back ground with Blue stars. Go find all the old photos of post offices from the early 1800s and look at the flag flying along with old glory. Was th coast guard patch also till the fed government snatched control of them. If you carry a social security number and claim a birth certificate vs a certificate of live birth you have already openly abandoned the original constitution. No court uses it at all ever not even a little. The courts use the U.S. constitution and you give them the authority when you openly say I am a U.S. citizen. Patriots knowledge of our founders and documents isn’t worth spit.

    • +xmikew411x​ yes he does and it will betray him on judgement day.. his hateful heart will be judged as his evil wicked heart judge’s. As plain as the nose on his face is what Yeshua/Jesus/TMH/YEHWAY will even with his black skin(that he thinks will save him as being chosen or Israelite whatever) will not cancel out his evil wicked heart’s most true desires of harm to White’s etc.. it is most assuredly written!!! Fool of Fool’s! !!

    • +mike dalkin idc about anything you’ve said your accounts etc.. you have canceled urself out with the evil wickedness of your heart and shall be judged as you judge other’s. You cannot hide your heart’s evil desires to want harm done unto other’s especially whites, coons, etc.. it is inevitable that you shall be judged on what is on their. No matter if you are a believer of the TMH. Satan and demon’s believe!! You are a fooling yourself..evil is evil no matter what color or heritage you are, in fact, because you claim such heritage makes your responsibility and expectations from TMH even more. You are double cursed if anything now that you have let hate reside in you. . Oh fall upon your knees and repent disobedient fool of Fool’s!

  6. Lol… don’t play the victim card… and you ask why this information hasn’t been shared in our schools… this is old and I’ve seen it before… ask yourself why hasn’t this information being shared within our schools…victim

  7. “The first time in history the losers wrote the history books.” That’s not even close to true, they just don’t want to admit the real racists in the war between the states was the Union, the winners that wrote those history books.

  8. well let see , firs we are victims why because y’all white devil’s brought us here and enslaved us, killed raped and tortured us. Secondly even onto this day unarmed blacks being killed while white devil’s can shoot at evil albinoid cop and just get arrested. third devil y’all demonoid race put poison in our water and food to keep us dumb down to control us. as a matter of fact I believe the vaccination given to us at Birth actually make us react in certain kind of way to where you can kill us even when we’re unarmed. for years of abuse from you white Devils From Slavery day up until now, yes we are psychologically affected by your Devil’s treatment. you are of your father the devil seed of Satan and murders from the beginning. and for some of the white race who have fight for you our cause, the Most High will bless you because in the bible it states He blesses those who blesses his people, and curse those who curse his people. and prepared for judgment because it’s coming . remember no.. SIN.. goes unpunished the sins of the father the son will have to pay, so live it up now in your kingdom on earth, because the day Vengeance for what y’all have done to his people are closer than you think.

    • Hebrew Defender: Benjamite , dear sir, evil is color blind they poison us all with the water,food and air they don’t just taint the water in people of color homes they don’t just feed people of color GMO and herbicide and pesticide infested food and they don’t just chemtrail people of color air and we all are being jacked by vaccinations and were all dieing from the drug epidermic that our government allows to happen and police kill far more whites than black, because the liberal media pushes a agenda it doesn’t mean we have to follow it seem to me you fell for the conditioning we all need to bring ourselves above it not perpetuate it the only person that’s holding you down is you

  9. Sooooo….lets just beat this black & white nonsense into a dead dog! Its not just black & white everyone…..its always been a mixed multitude of people…..always! Just like the black Israelite doctrine & whites being Ephraim….total nonsense. An Israelite has always been someone who YAH plants the seed of His Word in….thats it, thats all folks.

  10. one of Georg Washingtons friends was one of his slaves, they hunted and hung out together and was the only person allowed in his room other than his family when he was on his death bed, he considered him as his best friend

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