The Ark of the Covenant – The Ark of the Covenant is the most holy artifact that has ever graced the planet – it is the earthly typification of the very throne of the Almighty. The Ark was never lost, but deliberately hidden in Mount Moreh-Yah (Moriah) “the mountain where Yah will be our Teacher.” Jeremiah prophesied that the Ark would be revealed in all its power and glory in the last days – and now the Ark has been found.

The Chief Rabbi of the state of Israel, and several others reported that they had seen the Ark in its current resting place. Attempts to transport the Ark to a more accessible location were met with disaster. The revealing of the Ark is going to transpire for a far greater cause than the exaltation of a transient personality or human institution. Its revealing will “confirm the covenant” as prophesied by the angel to Daniel – beginning the last “Shevua” of the age.

Michael Rood spent several years on the trail of the Ark of the Covenant and found himself in covert meetings with the founder of the Temple Treasures Institute, the Israel Department of Antiquities, and in the home of Ron Wyatt where he heard the spellbinding eye-witness testimonies of those who were involved in the greatest archaeological find in modern times.

Join Michael for this week’s Shabbat Night Live as he presents the second episode in "The Ark of the Covenant” series – "The Search for the Lost Ark"

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