The Second Reformation: Beyond Luther's 95 Theses

The foundation of the second reformation is Repentance — turning around and going back to the faith once delivered to the saints. Do what Yeshua did, teach what he taught, guarding the words of THE Prophet. Repentance is returning to the obedience of the Torah, not obedience to the temporal commands of Pope or Denominations.

The Second Reformation: Beyond Luther’s 95 Theses by Michael Rood is a call to true repentance from man-made religion — because you cannot learn the Torah in an Orthodox synagogue, or the Gospel of the Kingdom in a Christian church.

Watch this video – the first episode in the series… and join the reformation!

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18 thoughts on “The Second Reformation – His Name Declared In All The Earth – Part 1 of 8

  1. There are none so blind as those who WILL not see, none so deaf as those who WILL not hear. We are living in a world of spiritually blind and deaf “Christians” God help us.

  2. Sounds like most of you commenters missed the whole point of the message………Let him who has ears hear……your eyes are not open. Do you think he has time in one message to cover every bit of information out there? Hitler doesn’t even count, he was not a Father of the Catholic church. You missed the whole point. I thoroughly understand what he is saying here. The name ‘JESUS’ means absolutely nothing. Yeshuah means ‘Salvation’. It makes perfect sense for the angel to tell Mary to name him Yeshua. He was, will, and is our Salvation. Try watching again and ask the Father to open your eyes to what is being said here. His teaching is right on. Or don’t bother at all. Your comments are fruitless.

  3. The whole point is he gives all the credit to the Father and has done more research of the scriptures than most of us. He lives by it as well. I know my life has changed and my eyes ARE OPENING to the truth. GREAT TEACHING, TRULY EYE OPENING. I always get a nugget or two out of these teachings and know it is right.

    • It was recently discovered in the two oldest surviving vocalized Hebrew texts, the Aleppo Codex and the Leningrad Codex, showing a 3rd vowel pointing that was intentionally hidden. With this discovery and with confirmation from several Hebrew scholars of the pronunciation, we now know the true name of YHVH is pronounced as YeHoVaH.

    • Hebrew scholar, Nehemia Gordon has gone into the ancient texts and found hundreds of examples of the name of God being spelled out with the vowels. His name is YEHovah. Prophecy says that we would recover the name in the Last Days when Isrl is surrounded by her enemies, and win the battles by proclaiming it! So cool! You can buy or download Nehemia’s book – SHATTERING THE CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE to learn how YEhovah’s name got obscured. And it is a very moving testimony of N’s own journey into the loving heart of YHVH. I think it is maybe the most important book since Revelation.

    • Thank you sir. I will obtain your chronological gospel and corrected King James. What say you regarding the Messianic prophecy Bible? I found something online and curious to know your thoughts.

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