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The Spiritual Battle You Must Win!

This is an important message Yahweh Put on my heart to share with you today…

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24 thoughts on “The Spiritual Battle You Must Win!

    • Ramona, I too have fought these enemies. What helped me was having an audio bible to listen to daily and torah teachers… Turn off the world and pursue The Creator with everything in you and resist the enemy….this teaching is a huge help….listen to it often

    • I completely agree. Start every morning with the word and good teaching as this. Then grab the hand of our creator and walk through your day. Be careful not to run and leave him behind. That’s when the enemy lurks. The enemy knows when your alone and away from the hand of Yahweh. I only say this because that is exactly what hsppend to me. Went to fast, got to exited, and wasn’ thinking about if this was His will or just mine.

    • I know that Yeshua says not to worry. And not be anxious, in the New Testament. I know that many people worry, but yeah, reading His word does help me. I will pray for you too. I know what that’s like, and you aren’t alone there! But maybe read what the Bible says about worry and depression. Shalom : )

    • No, you didn’t miss the so-called Rapture. 2017 was a sign of Heavenly time stuff… Keep Your Faith in Yeshua Jesus and Follow God’s Sabbath Commandments and Feast Days and NOT these Pagan Holidays Folks. You’ll be fine..
      God’s Blessings and Shalom 🙏

  1. I’m in complete agreement with you brother about this message to those that watch this video please let it come to your heart of your soul and turn your head away from the crowds that’s not where father is. It never has been

  2. You’re exactly right Brother Paul. Many of the churches today have become “entertainment centers “. I’m not saying there’s nothing good coming from those churches, but it’s almost like watching a show. There’s many times two fast songs and one slow song by a praise team and then a thirty minute sermon and you’re out the door. I know it’s what you make of it, but it seems like you’re just going through the motions. It’s nothing like the early church we read about in the scriptures. Thanks Brother!!

  3. Going through a trails depressed and anxiety.i ask for him keep your prayers Yahweh keep him procted him.and sounds mind. To bring him back to know him be obidence to yahweh.keep me on your prayers brother Paul..amen

  4. Watchmen tell us what we need to know, not what we want to hear. Thank you for doing what is hard. This message is not popular, and people who spread it are not loved by this world.

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