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The standards of modesty in the church is declining quickly. It is up to church leaders to set a positive example of what it means to dress modestly. Sadly many men are falling short of upholding this standard in their assembly and even in their own homes. In this video, I talk about this subject.

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27 thoughts on “The Standard of Modesty In Leadership

  1. Amein, brother. Another topic: Do you know how hard it is to find modest women’s clothing? The neck lines all dip too low, the dress lengths are too high, and the sleeves are too high.

    • @Texas Service Dog Team Hello, yes sewing machines are good to have but for the past couple of years, I’ve been teaching myself how to sew by hand. It takes longer to make something, but it’s so rewarding and it teaches a person patience. I’ve made about 6 or 7 skirts, 2 shirts and 3 dresses in the last couple of years. With the help of the internet, I watched and learned different stitches to use for the maximum strength for side seams and different ones for hemming. I’ve even learned how to put in a zipper with hand sewing. It really is easy to do as long as you don’t get in a hurry.

    • @SetApart RDB You can do it. You just need to be patient with yourself. Try to find yourself a good instructor. Perhaps someone from your congregation. Watch some tutorials on YouTube or the internet. You can do it! Keep telling yourself that and never give up.

    • Have you thought about upcycling? where you can add fabric to a short dress or skirt and add to a neckline, it can be fun and creative, there is so much online to help with ideas.

  2. Your ministry is in america? I am homeless but I have money to buy a cheap house and I just want to be near ministry I never found a church home because I see most do not fully find the bible….

  3. Thank you for speaking up, if you weren’t saying anything who would? I’ve never heard anyone else brave enough to call out the immodestly problem of believers.

  4. Shalom dear brother Paul … you are so very, very right brother! This is such an important message and not an easy one to share. Your daughters are so blessed to have a daddy like you… and we are so blessed to have you as our brother. I have also taken to making my own clothes. There are plenty of modest patterns on Amazon and linen fabric at online stores. When I was in the world I was a makeup/high heels type but since I gave my heart to The Saviour I have washed my face and gotten lowly shoes and He has blessed me with unspeakable riches of Fruit of the Spirit. Keep it up brother Paul … Shalom Shalom

  5. Great message Paul! Women at work in the office are always wearing yoga pants and low cut shirts that show off cleavage. The older women in this generation have failed them! It’s the woman’s job to correct other women, and men to correct men! But that’s not happening today

    • I don’t use patterns as I leant to sew from my measurements, which isn’t that hard really, you could look up some tutorials online if you can’ find a class. You can also use existing clothes as patterns. I hope this is helpful.

  6. When i see immodesty i think about praying for them .I was there once. I use to wear bras as shirts.Then was born again I found 💜💖👑Yeshua👑 💜💖
    The Holy spirit 🕊continues to teach me.
    When its hot outside sleeves can get too hot. Thoughts on Swimsuits ?
    Brother there is a time and spirit of things .
    pray for the woman.pray for me
    skirts to knee , 3 inch heel
    sleeveless top is not immodest .
    Shes just a sister , learning as fast as she can. Iron sharpens iron.
    Who ever sin not cast 1st stone
    💜🕊 education with love🕊 💜
    The Holy spirit will🕊
    🌈 teach/preach/convict the heart.
    Father will show them .💖🦋💖
    It must be so challenging to be a dad to girls. I would be so strict.
    Cause i wasnt always semi modest – I know were it leads.
    no berkas no bustiers tiny skirts short short
    When its hot out or working out, sleeveless is functional
    I have been prayerfully thinking if cold shoulder look was immodest ,
    on that broad road, or Temple respecting .
    My heart is not.convicted yet.
    But good on you to pray for Abbas girls and having open dialog about it.
    We can always grow.🕊💖.😍🌈🐑🌈😍💖🕊


  7. Thank you Paul. So much agree. Modesty is really truly beautiful as well, for both men and women.

    Does anyone have any thoughts when it comes to swimming, say in the ocean or another natural body of water? Beaches can obviously be places with immodest dress especially when crowded, but if one is to swim what do you find would be ideal? Do you avoid swimming all together? Or swim with clothes made from either natural or synthetic fibres?

  8. Agreed. This is also something men should consider aswell. I went for a stroll with no shirt on to get some sun but as I did I passed by a family and a couple and I felt like I should have been wearing more! It may happen less often for women to stumble in this way but I don’t want to be the cause when it does.

    Also small thing i used to do in the past, like unbuttoning my dress shirts a bit further than necessary to show off some skin.

    It can easily become a touch over-thought, but I think its worth the effort to present ourselves in modesty and consider others with our actions

  9. Thank you so much for speaking up about this. I will say, while I was listening to your message, something that popped in my head, are the male church leaders, pastors, etc.. that wear “skinny jeans” and tight pants. A man showing too much of his private area can also be a temptation for others, also.

  10. Paul off topic: your backyard looks like a rain forest, I know you want to have it where people can come and take food from the trees, man! how beautiful is that? I could And can live like this.
    Come out of her my people we can’t live like the world and then saysay we walk with the Lord.

  11. Our worth as women should be found in the Lord and not through the attention of men, it’s sad to see this and these women need the counsel of older women. I also believe that the Holy Spirit show us this if we pay attention. Lastly, you are not loving your neighbour when you dress immodestly, male or female. Well done for raising the issue. Shalom.

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