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This is episode 2 of a 14-part series called How to Read the Bible that explores the origins, content, and purpose of the Bible. In this video we summarize the overall story of the Bible as a series of crossroad decisions. All humanity, followed by the Israelites, redefine good and evil and end up in Babylon. They are followed by Jesus, who takes a different path that opens up the way to a new creation.


65 thoughts on “The Story of the Bible

    • Well he got one point of the bible, after all, you can try to summarize the bible by saying a number of things about it… It’s a book of poetry, it’s a book of prophecy, it’s a book of instructions. All of these are true in virtually all books of the bible and thus the bible as a whole, but it is not ALL of what the bible is. The bible is a symphony of all these elements, and if one needs to truly sum up the bible; it’s how God relates to human beings along with the rest of his creation and vice versa. Instructions are a vital part of this relationship and thus a vital part of the bible.

    • Skeech Skeech Skeech I don’t know if you’re black, white, or… … raspberry colored, but you’re being needlessly rude. I’m technically white (but have just about a little of everything in my genetics), and I was glad to see the more ethnically accurate portrayal. That doesn’t mean I’m racist. That means I like biblical accuracy. Noticing the skin color doesn’t mean I didn’t see and hear the message. It just meant I wasn’t distracted by something that does distract me from time to time, and instead helped me to take the video more seriously. A. M. I. wasn’t being racist for noting that and it doesn’t mean that a noticing of the skin color was the only thing that was taken from the video. Seriously, Skeech. Love, man. Don’t spew hateful things. You’re walking on that darker path back to Babylon when you do, and you make yourself (whatever race you are) look really bad. And frankly… folks that read these notes will assume we’re mostly all Christians here. So, it makes the name of Jesus look bad. Thankfully the video makes it clear we all fall short because it’s hard.

      This was one more amazing video from The bible project. love you guys! Thanks!

    • A. M. I. I’m with you on liking the accurate portrayal of ethnicity, but… please don’t fall into the trap of thinking skeech “must be white” becease of how he responded. That line of thinking doesn’t help any one, or the situation. God bless you.

  1. Thank you for not perpetuating the false notion that Jesus and others of that time look and were European. I enjoyed the graphics a lot, especially this series.

    • For everyone upset about the fact that we acknowledge and appreciate how the people in the video were depicted, please, don’t be. We are just simply happy that for once, the story is accurately shown. No one is better than anyone else and no one is being racist. This animation could potentially bring people closer to God and developing a desire to read the bible….But do ask yourself this. If race “doesn’t matter”, then why, for many years, was so much effort put into trying to Europeanize this religion?

    • I guessing your gonna have to ask the people in that country about it, cause you’ll never get a straight answer “ONLINE”…

    • Immortal Breed They do have black jews seen it on one of the Christian channel. They live in a another country. Not saying that Jesus was black. There are probably black jews that live in this United States. I ‘m not talking about no religion . I think they live in Isreal. Ethiopian jews. It’s this article I found WHY ETHIOPIAN JEWS FACE INCREASING DISCRIMINATION AND POLICE BRUTALITY IN ISRAEL You look up the article find it yourself. That was the title.

    • Avery Simpkins you sir need to learn history alot more they describe yahuwah in bible as well I mean look up israelites and however you believe there are black Jews but don’t think Jesus (Yahuwah) is black 🤔 and you can say it don’t matter what skin color is Jesus (Yahuwah) is but in that case why make him white

    • ICStaxx23541 It does not make a difference what color jesus is. Jesus created everyone for a purpose. For god so loved the world that he gave his only begotten so.

  2. Never stop what you are doing, God use you to talk to people. I decided to start a string of Bible studies, and yesterday I bought a notebook to take notes. So today, I took the notebook, and I was here, just wondering where I was supposed to start, and IN THE EXACTLY MOMENT I received a notification with this video. I don’t believe that it was just coincidence. Thank you for your wonderful work, God bless you guys!

    • +Rafaella Marques I know right. But I wonder why God couldn’t talk to Eve when she was about to eat the Forbidden fruit. Maybe he forgot to leave her a notification. (Oops)

    • +Kirsty McAllister yea he’d told them not to eat.. he didn’t stop them from eating it. tell me something.. if you see your dear one doing something wrong. wouldn’t you take the effort to stop him or atleast remind him of the consequences?

  3. Father,

    Continue to fill the hearts and minds of Your creative and innovative servants with vivid and liberating ways to share the message of the Gospel and bring happen transformation of life through our Lord Jesus Christ! May all the resources and revenue be obtain as we all aspire to glorify Your name,…even now, Jesus name,…Amen!!!

  4. I appreciate what you guys do but I have one concern. You make it seem like the Bible is just another literature book filled with stories with characters like Jesus. I hope to see more explanation on why it is not simply a book but the living word of God and also about its absolute truth, necessity, authority and power. Thanks!

  5. I like the repetition of the ‘two roads’ idea; broad road and narrow rode type thing; and how people chose one road over another at various points in human history.

    • Curriously, In my mind it raises the question of free will vs sovereignty. The bible is a story; it sets down a history, so that, from the perspective of the reader, the future choices of each individual are already laid down. Of course, in history, the individuals did not know what they would eventually do when they come to the two roads; many will have thought they’d chose the right thing but ended up choosing the wrong.

      So the bible, in a way, gives a God’s eye perspective, and our human experience lets us imagine the human eye perspective. The question then is, which perspective is more right? Is God an author, making our choices for us all to go along with his plan; for his glory? Or are we truly free, and we can truly say that our choices are our own; God instead is a spectator of our choices, helping us when he sees we need help, but not proactively making us take the wrong or right path?

      Is the glory of God a good story or a man fully alive?

      Is our freedom that of a character in a book, where there choices are merely unknown but inevitable, or do we have the freedom of the reader, who may shut the book at any time?

      Or can we even say that this last example is any different than the first? is this sense of freedom which motivates my example of the reader merely a deception of the heart, or is it a glimpse of eternity which God has set within it?

      What is this freedom then, if anything at all?

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