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People claim there are many books of the original Bible that are actually not part of today's Bible. Some of the books are lost and only mentioned by name in scripture. However there are a good amount of books still available that were part of the original Bible but not in today's current Bible. In this video I talk about this topic.


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  1. Cool to see you approve of the apocrypha…I was never too sure what to think, but remember reading Wisdom & Sirach in a Catholic Bible along time ago & really liking them . Proverbs is my fav book & those were similar I believe. I’ve became very interested in the Nephilim phenomenon in Genesis recently. & from what I understand, the Book Of Enoch expands upon them in greater depth & supposedly the book was quoted a couple times in The Bible……&BTW my sister immediately mentioned Peter’s vision when I 1st told her I quit eating pork a couple years ago..Amazing how many ppl, including myself at one time have no idea we were instructed not to eat certain foods..I always say why would G-d say pigs were no good & then 2000 years later all of a sudden change his mind, hahaha doesn’t work like that

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this for us, i have asked and you have delivered and i firmly believe you are anointed  by yeshuah to teach us these things and expand our understanding.

    i attend church at a 7th day adventist church. Members there are very deeply involved in the teachings of Ellen White and her book The desire of ages. I do not agree with their fervor but i am curious to see what someone of your knowledge base has to say of that.and many in my church 

  3. The acts of Solomon
    The story of prophet iddo
    The book of jubilees
    Book of enoch
    book of Nathan the prophet
    The prophecy of Ahijah
    the visions of Iddo the seer
    Book of Jasher
    book of the wars of the Lord
    The chronicles of the Kings of israel
    The chronicles of the Kings of judah
    Book of shemaiah
    The manner of the kingdom
    Annals of king David
    The acts of Samuel the seer(which could be 1&2 Samuel)
    The book of Gad the seer
    Book of Jehu
    The story of the book of kings
    Acts of Uziah
    The vision of isaiah
    The acts and prayers of mannaseh
    The sayings of the Seers
    Chronicles of King Ahasuerus

    Epistle from laodiceans

  4. Another great video brother! (Although I do not always agree with EVRYTHING you say)Thanks for sharing. Now to the reverse: in the Book of Jude, The Book of Enoch seems to be referenced. It seems obvious to me that the Apostles and presumably Christ knew and read this book. Any thoughts?

  5. It’s really hard to know what are the true books of Bible was. In Jeues’s time there were many sects of Judaism with many who had many beliefs. Then Constantine took over change the religion. Added and took things out. The Church determines what books went into the Bible. In the Middle Ages the Bible was rewitten again. The Bible is a big mess.

  6. Brother Paul, Do you take tours of Israel? I believe many people would like to see Israel with you as their guide. (me for example). Something to think about. Shalom

  7. Yahweh said in Moses law that there would be ONLY 66 books in the bible thousands of years before the bible was put together. Exodus and Leviticus . May Yahweh bless you.

  8. You truly nailed it brother. ~ *Yeshua* (Jesus) is the way the truth and the life no matter what. ~ I am also so happy you talk about all the different books out today and also setting straight about the true *Apocrypha* … and also about *Paul* because there is a very FALSE movement happening with some saying Paul was a false apostle or false prophet, and that is NOT the case at all in the biblical scriptures and by Gods word. Pauls teachings fall exactly in line with the teachings of the OT. But to understand that truth, the entire Bible also has to be understood and that comes with deep understanding and knowledge of study; just as the scriptures tell us.

    *2 Peter **3:14**-18* even pre-warns us that those who speak against Paul, whom God chose himself, do not clearly “understand” the gospel Gods word at all. The New Testament *NT* is 100% correct and 100% parallel in truth to the Old Testament *OT* . Those who understand scripture in depth know and see this clearly.

  9. You are [poorly informed sir. The Septuagint reformers removed seven canonical Books. Including Maccabees which contains the only complete account of Hannaucah. This is one source of your course nfusion.

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