God's personal name is hidden in the middle of the first five books of the Bible, or the Torah. A simple code exposes the true name of God hidden for millenia in the book of Leviticus. Every 7th letter in Leviticus spells out YHWH/YHVH, for Yehuwah. I show you the code.


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  1. The name Jehovah is a latinized version, when you pray, pray to your Abba or father you don’t need to call him by his first name to be heard he know’s who he is and why you are praying

    • Phloridababe: DEMON NAMES

      Lord and God, two of the many names of the Babylonian sun God, Ba’al, were introduced to Israel, by a wizard named Balim. He was promised wealth to verbally curse Israel and Judah, but failed, so I believe he bribed the priests of Levi to replace the sacred names, Yahuwhe and Elim with those of the demon, Lord and God, in their liturgy in 612 B.C., so Israel would mimic the names, bringing an automatic curse upon their own heads and blocking their prayer, automatically, because they would be praying to a demon, unaware.

      (Exodus 23:13) “and in all things that I have said unto you, be circumspect and make no mention the name of pagan Gods, neither let it come out of your mouth.” The priests introduced the names in their liturgy and Israel didn’t recognize their origin, because, in Egypt, their ancestors knew the sun God, by the name, Ba’al. As Israel repeated the names in their prayer, Jeremiah 23:27 witnesses the blasphemy, requesting the reason they did it and the reply, of the priests, was that they had a dream telling them it was a good idea.

      Abba tried to impress Israel to turn from the habit, but failed, so he divorced Israel and cursed Judah, (Yahudah) who was enslaved in Babylon in 604 B.C. The name replacements were textually duplicated, in scripture, in 300 B.C., by the preists of Levi, which was the first record of the Torah being perverted. The tradition was continued and enforced by the Pharisees in the first century, where Massiah reported that he informed the apostles of the real names of Abba. (John 17:6) “I have explained your name unto the men which you gave me out of the world.”

      One of the apostles, it is surmised by some translators, mimicked some of the Roman Guard, who were likely mocking the saints, when they used the Greek term, Christians to describe them and he used the word in one of his letters. He didn’t understand Greek, because Aramaic was the exclusive language in Israel, (Josephus) so he didn’t know that Christian was Greek for “Followers of The Christus Demon Anointing.” The pagan Greeks called themselves Christians as early as 324 B.C. Christus was the title of the anointing ceremony, where the priests would use an oily towel to anoint the feet of their pagan idols of Pan and Apollo, among others.

      Lord, God, Christ and Christian were adopted by the 400 A.D. Catholic canon and the Hebrew name of the Massiah: Yahushua HaMashiach, (Yah/Yahu”s Salvation The Anointed) was replaced with the name of the Greek lightening God, Iesus (E’-E-Zoos) English transliterates as Zeus. It was replaced, in the Q’uran in 600 A.D., by Jesus, called a minor prophet, by Catholic emissaries, who taught Mohammad the religion of Islam. Ge, in Greek, means Dirt, or Earth, from which English gets the word, Geocentric, or earth centered and when Ge was combined with Iesus, it meant Dirt-Zeus, a filthy demon the Greeks rejected.

      The Vatican’s word, Holy Ghost is defined as The Sacred Ghoul of a Corpse, which is a blasphemy. (Matthew 12:32) “And whosoever speaks a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him: but whosoever speaks against the Holy Ghost, it shall not be forgiven him, neither in this world, neither in the world to come.” The Catholic, Jesus was first added to the second edition of the King James Bible in 1618, in English, adding the letter, J to the language for the first time, which replaced the letter Y in most cases. Jezoos replaced Iesus, the Greek, Zeus in the first King James edition of 1611.

    • He, evidently, has a different preference. He established everything by his name and he used his name to demonstrate to what heights he would exalt his Word. If your description is used, there’s no consequence if it’s misspoken.

      If I Am’s names are changed, omitted, or replaced, a curse automatically follows. That suggests they have significance, are cherished and feared. Christians have been taught to dance in a mine field. A lot of scriptural text is assigned to sacred name references, because demons always attack, replace, or omit them, because they carry weight and have power.

      The hybrid Pope, in January of 2014, decreed that the name of God, in Hebrew, as he so contemptuously put it, must never be mentioned by the Catholic laity. The reason is, they have power to destroy occult ceremonies and the Pope is a satanist hybrid, who is often involved in such ceremonies.

      The names, Jesus, Holy Ghost and God, don’t bother him, because they are demons and blasphemies, mocking the sacred. Eli; I Am will not be mocked, nor will he share his glory with anyone and his glory involves his names. We must be careful not to insult Yahuwhe, because that’s what the demons and witches do.

      Isaiah, the most honored of the prophets, dedicates a lot of space to the reference of Yah’s names. He didn’t do much without significant purpose. If you just skim parts of his book, you’ll see what I mean.

    • James Reder
      If the KJV has been perverted according to the name (s) of God, the Creator, the Saviour; then are you saying that we have no true reference to his Holy Word?

    • James Reder : I delete that troll. I’d advise you to do the same. I can’t tolerate someone who thinks they know everything. And cursing up a storm while talking about the Fathers language???…The Tares are sprouting up everywhere, and it’s almost time for harvest🙏👆🙏

    • What a dyslexic mind you got. There is no name trick. God is God. His name is I Am, which in ancient Hebrew first person singular future tense sounds like Ya’H’Wah. It’s literally how they pronounced the phrase. Probably to not confuse the masses as a regular “I am” in a sentence referring to oneself, they stopped saying it and replaced it with “HaShem,” “El-Shaddai,” “Elohim, etc. “

  2. There is power in the name(which stems from our hearts)! We know the name of our God is truly Yah.. no matter how you pronounce it or how you translate it.. The power is within the feeling of knowing who we are worshiping and praising he knows are hearts so whether we call on the greek pronunciation Jesus or his true Hebrew name Yeshua, he hears us all the same. Because, we are told to come to him in SPIRIT and TRUTH, therefore he knows who we are calling on because he hears our hearts. No need to bicker and argue loves. Praise his HOLY name in any language you choose to worship him in SPIRIT and TRUTH he hears you! 🙂

    • The 2nd edition of the King James Bible contained the first application of the 600 A.D. Pope’s fictitious name, Jesus in English text in 1618. The first edition, in 1611, used the name, Iesus, which was the English transliteration of the Greek name, we call Zeus, today. It was taken from the 400 A.D. Catholic canon, so King James may have been using a Catholic Bible, or been influenced by some other Catholic stimulus. The letter J was added, to the English language, because of the Jesus addition, replacing the letter Y in most cases. Zeus was the Greek lightening God; an originally demon/human hybrid Babylonian King, named Tammuz. Iesus was employed, originally, to replace the Hebrew sacred name, Yahushua HaMashiach, in the 400 A.D. Catholic cannon, which means, Yah, or Yahu’s Salvation The Anointed, so all who repeated Iesus would fall under a curse for blasphemy, unaware. It’s replacement, by the Pope’s originally 600 A.D. contrivance, Jesus/Ge’-Ie-zus was done to embellish the mockery, by adding the Greek prefix, Ge/Geo, which means Dirt/Earth. The Greeks never added the word to their vocabulary, because it insulted Zeus. Such name tricks have been used since 612 B.C., when Balaam bribed the priests of Levi to replace Yahuwhe and Elim with Lord and God, in their verbal liturgy, so those who mimicked them would come under a curse for addressing the Father by two unfamiliar names of the Babylonian demon sun God, Ba’al, unknowingly. (Jeremiah 23:27) It worked and Israel was divorced and scattered in 604 B.C.

    • True or not bottom line is Israel fell for followin orders of serpent seed just like today. yhwh = yahawah and Savior would be closer to yahawashi in paleo-hebrew…

    • Red Diamond-No, it can’t be Jehovah because the letter ‘J’ never existed in the original language. iN-FACT IT DIDN’T EXIST TILL HUNDREDS OF YEARS LATER. ‘Jehovah’ is the creation of the name by a monk. The nearest we can get to the Tetragrammaton YHWH today is ”Yahweh’ or just ‘Yah.’ Any other name is just tinkering with YHWH. However He knows who we are talking to when we pray because He knows our hearts.

    • cat newman Yahweh, the name Jehovah is the same as yahweh, but english, just like in other languages for example is different. it Jesus and Jehovah are two different beings.

    • Red Diamond- I know. Yashua is Jesus, ‘Yah’ is Jehovah. But Jehovah is the least likely translation from the original because we had J and Y in our language already, so why go with the J when it simply wasn’t there in the original? The name ‘Jehovah’ was invented by a RC monk. Personally I wouldn’t go with anything the Vatican says. It is satanic.

  3. the Father of each race us called the Lord of that race. I’m still learning what they all are. a religion that is not a race like Christian or islam or taoist or Buddhist does not have a Father.
    those who do,
    4 Native American races in North America
    South African
    West African
    Iriquois and Arhuaco are the same Father
    2 seperate Chinese races
    Puerto Rico
    Japan and Hawaii same Father
    I have more in South America that I haven’t learned about yet.
    I’m also missing some of Southeast Asia
    each Father provides for His own children. the first commandment is thought shalt have no other God’s before me. there are 26 in total. obey your knowing. you will always be with your own Father. races are families and intended to be seperate. there is so much mixing the Father’s are sorting it. they know people were lied to. your bloodlines are traced through the women.

  4. I just love how everyone comment that the most high God/ Christ is gonna except them into His kingdom. (heaven). Ahayah isn’t gonna except everyone.. God his only coming for his real chosen people of Israel.. n that’s ur so called African American’s Jamaican etc. not the whites the Arab’s the Muslims or them fake khazars boys. the Bible wasn’t meant for them people.. n y’all can’t except that @ all.. Ahayahs was only speaking the his real chosen people of Israel the black people… n none of y’all can or will even except that Christ is black. he was never white, Arabic, whatever u wanna try n say he is.. read rev. 1:14-15. his hair wool white as snow,his eyes red was fire, His feet like bronze, as burned in a furnace.. n the only people who has hair that looks like wool n who’s feet that looks like they were burned in a furnace are the black people..

  5. live give our life to God Creator Jesus Christ have faith trust obey Creator Jesus take Creator medicine daily be healed daily claim your benefits claim your promises claim your blessings do we qualify prepared to meet our maker Creator Jesus

    • Creator Jesus in all Bible Genesis to Revelation creative power of holy Spirit in all Bible Genesis to Revelation. Genesis Williams

  6. In the original Hebrew it was in picture form, which was an arm a man looking to the future a NAIL then a man again now what did that mean or how did you say it?

  7. Not once did Yeshua mention his Fathers name in his whole ministry, why?….and why pray to the Father in Yeshuas/ Jesus’s name? And why didnt God tell Moses his name the first time he sent Moses to his people saying ( go tell them I am that I am sent you )? The hebrews didnt mention his name because they thought it was so sacred when according to this video its one of the things God wanted gis people to know? If I want someone to know my name is because that is the name I expect them to refer to me by. So why would they ( hebrews ) do the opposite? Doesn’t the bible mention ( one name given to men by which they might be saved ) = Jesus/ Yeshua/ Yehoshua???

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