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43 thoughts on “The Truth About America vs Iran 2017

    • +jeff ouellette I won’t take your hope from you. People need religion to keep going while in their state of bondage. If your comfortable there I won’t move you.
      If you believe the creator of all existence picks a people, and picks a land to be special then why create anything else?
      The thing is older text invalidate and predate the Bible by millennia.

      It has become evidently clear that time is cyclical and there are cycles to things. That bible is in creation. There was a point in time for its conception thereby by the laws we can observe of material nature there will be a point in time where it is destroyed.

      God transcends the notion of time on this plane of existence and doesn’t need a people or any set of liturgy to be God. Nor does he require any sort of worship that revolves around inaction.
      The Romans learned the hard way and they are responsible for the propagation , deception and conception of the current version of the bible you are clinging to. They fell and were wiped out, the same is true for any of us.

      What you are is an immortal soul and you need to solely read and apply the words of Christ to yourself for he was a living demonstration.

      The problem with religion is that it deifies the messenger and misses the message.

    • +Nieuw(s)Nederland
      Name one country that iran has went to war with since it’s been named iran. Now name how many countries the U.S. has been to war since it’s been called the good old U.S. if A?
      Then you will see who the real terrorist are!

    • Lol. Iran controls big parts of yhe middle east with proxys ( just like the US ) to gain more control. Iran before 1979 was the most beautifull country. This is not a contest beteeen US and Iran who is better. Both play dirty geo politics, but to think iran will keep calm with nuclear arms. Well you will find out holmes.

    • No you try to pin me in a discussion about who is the baddest country. Thats not where i talk about. Im not even american so i dont really care. Both have bad govenrments. Its like saying Stalin is bad but Mao was worst so you degend Stalin. Just saying your country will be gone if the nukes are coming. Ask the ppl in Yemen, West iraq, the persians and huttis what they think about iran. Dont get fooled by the ayatollah holmes.

    • +Nieuw(s)Nederland
      There is no corner bro
      Just like there is bo boogie man.
      They got you where they want you!
      We are past nukes bro. If you want to bring down a country now you just turn out the lights!
      Wish you luck and try and stay alive one day at a time because they want you to see something that isn’t there.

  1. The khazar own and control America, so America does its bidding. This time Justice (call it Karma, but it’s really the hand of Yah) is coming to this wicked nation:

    “Sharpen the arrows! Take up the shields! Yahuah has stirred up the spirit of the kings of the Medes (Iran), because his purpose concerning Babylon (America) is to destroy it, for that is the vengeance of Yahuah , the vengeance for his temple.
    Jeremiah 51:11 ESV

  2. Pastor, if you want to get technical they did “attack” us when they seized the U.S Embassy in Iran and captured U.S citizens who they blindfolded and held as hostages for 444 days…that’s pretty serious business.

    • +James Jones They did the right thing. Because before the revolution in Iran US was looting the Iran oil for half price by putting a puppet (Shah) after bringing coup in 1953 (Operation Ajax) and eliminating the democratically elected Muhammad Musadeq. Learn the history and then judge about others

    • seized the U.S Embassy ??? are you kidding,
      check “Iran Air Flight 655” and think what would have happened if Iran would have shot down an american flight and would have killed +250 us civilians in gulf of mexico , kind of the same thing that uncle Sam did to them .

    • 55301365 The pastor doesn’t know what is the truth, and people like you who justify terrorism should advise Muslim refugees to go to Islamic countries

  3. im not sure their are any nukes. i think its all a hoax. im happy to hear you dont support Israel. i was wondering i always thought Hebrews and Jews were the same. do you believe Jesus was a jew?

  4. It seems like all modern jews are of Khazar heritage… not Judean…..following talmudism, which is So against the bible….they follow the rituals, but do not believe in Yah….aren’t these the very types Yeshua called out and fought against…..the Talmud has nothing to do with Yah’s law…

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