26 thoughts on “The Truth About Cancer

  1. I’ve had two cancers…a stage 4 lymphoma and stage 1 endometrial. Had bariatric surgery two years ago and have taken aggressive babysteps to eat 70-90% raw vegan…..working my way toward better and healthier eating. 
    Excellent video I’m taking to heart and adding it to my motivational arsenal. Thank you!

    • Thank you for your reply and than you for working on your health the natural way. You can and I pray will be fine. You are on the right step. The video link below will help you  a lot. Be well Sandra. 

  2. Wer jemanden kennt, der #Krebs hat, oder denkt, daß er selbst mal in die Situation kommen könnte, kann bei entsprechenden Englischkenntnissen in Kürze sehr viel über die #Wahrheit zu Krebs erfahren. Kostenloser Zugang über den Link in der Videobeschreibung.

  3. why wait till u get sick do it now! change ur diet and lifestyle and stop being sucked in by doctors, we have a local nuturopath who is very good and I would much rather go and see her for advice than any doctor.

  4. Watch “Cancer is a fungus” video explains how over growth candida is related to cancer. Thats why eating a raw food diet is so beneficial.

  5. Thank you for standing up and speaking the truth. It’s so sick how people can’t see that poisoning your body with radiation and chemo is the worst way to deal with cancer. I have five friends right now that have cancer but won’t listen.

    • +The Raw Life Health Show you go boy. I have been following you for years. The message is still the same. Health begins with the movement from hand to mouth. Can’t wait for the series to start. Don’t ever stop spreading the truth

  6. I am starting a vegan diet, need to lose 30 pounds. I really like the way your think. I work in a hospital and see how we just keeping people alive ( some) in horrible conditions , not curing them. I am totally against chemo and radiation. Thank you 🙂

    • +Crazy to be healthy The emergency room is the only useful part of the hospital in most cases. Best to avoid the doctors if possible.

  7. Thank you for making this video, sharing the link! I hope more and more people start to believe that the body and mind is so powerful it can cure itself, with love and the right foods.

  8. You have every right to help make people aware. I haven’t been to a Doctor for 29 years. I’m not saying everyone should do the same as me. I am saying take care of yourself. Start by eating raw and paying attention to videos like this one. Thanks for this and keep on keepin on. 

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