“The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest”
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8 thoughts on “The Truth About Cancer

  1. I just went to the link and noticed that this docu-series is by Ty Bollinger. I have his book about cancer called Cancer: Step Outside The Box. He talks about how the war on cancer started back in 1972 I believe. He mentions a lot of different ways to help prevent and reverse cancer in that book. This will be great to see his research in a doc-series like this. I’m going to have to spread the word about this.

  2. Thanks brother, I shared to my Facebook! I also like how Charlotte Gerson said it’s all about Detoxing and Replenishing the Nutrients, Detox Replenish, Detox Replenish, it’s a must in today’s Polluted Environment.

  3. im Still going to believe Jesus is Yeshua cause that what I refer him as if you get a chance Paul Nilson you should watch Anita Fuentes I dont agree with every thing she says or does but most of it is true. conpared to most people that say there supposly christain but there fruits dont show it or there preaching false doctrine dont get me wrong Christain make mistake but we need to at least try to live a holy life but you need the Holy Ghost help that the KJVB takes about cause we cant do it on are own strength

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