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Many believers celebrate the birthday of our Messiah on December 25th however very few of them understand the truth history of Christmas. In this audio I reveal so of these thrust and encourage you to look more into the history of this day.

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23 thoughts on “The Truth About Christmas Revealed

  1. The truth shall set us free for The wicked ones Run from the truth and the Babylonians try to hide the truth. Praise YHWH Elyon HalleluYAH Todah Yah la Yeshua Ha Mashiach.

  2. Both the puritans and Oliver Cromwell tried to abolish Christmas otherwise known as Yule Tide which is originally pagan, the day of solstice.

  3. Rome has deceived the whole world, including the protestants who are actually Catholic in doctrine. Satan gave Rome its power, seat and great authority, and the so called
    “Christians” follow as lambs to the slaughter. Put up those green trees and light the log in the fireplace because you are “Christian”, and don’t obey Gods commandments because you are “Christian”, definitely not Christ followers according to the scripture.

  4. Amen! i discover the truth about christmas a few years ago through the Holy Spirit and i teached about it in Church. They totally ignored it and rebuked me for telling the truth. If we were living in the old days.. they would have stone me to death!

  5. mymother taught us the things she read in the book “the two Babalons” ive known about Christmas and Easter being pagan almost all my life. i need fellowship with those folks like you who care about what the truth is.

  6. The Lord is been striving in my heart for about 6 months to seek and search the really meaning of Christianity and origins, feasts and traditions of man and no biblical, I am so humbling thankful because I know Yahweh is raising up His people the choosing ones to get out of the contamination of some churches have. I talked to my husband and kids already about it and this year we won’t celebrate this pagan or any other one like valentines, Mother’s Day etc, but in the name of Yeshua I pray that my king Adonai will bring order, restoration and revival in my home and family and to start celebrating the feast of the Lord and no man, staring with our bless sabbath. Amen

  7. Black fridays white mondays and orange tuesdays 🤣🤣🤣 yes ive seen this video b4 because i remember when u said that. I rewinded it so many times. It was hilarious but true

  8. I support removing the secular, and commercial parts of Christmas. That being said if my family gets together to celebrate and fellowship on Christmas (including reading scripture, spending time in prayer, sharing a meal, and seeking Gods leading on how we can help our community) explain how this is something that God would be against?

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