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Women are dressing in a way that is causing men to sin! Most women don't even think about it, while other women defend their actions and say men should not look if it causes an issue.

Ladies, I understand all of you are not guilty of this, but please understand, the motive of your heart does not change the effect of your appearance.

For a woman to feel she has to show off her body to be accepted or loved is very sad. Much of it is the result of Hollywood, Television etc.

Men need to do a better job respecting and appreciating modest woman and do a better job at covering your eyes when a woman is not modest.

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24 thoughts on “The Truth About the Way Women Dress

  1. Women who feel worthy and loved, from either father’s or husbands, do not need to be immodest, imho. They get their attention and admiration properly. A woman IS responsible for how she dresses and the 1st response of people, but in no way is she responsible for a man’s lack of integrity. Obviously, he looks, but if he stares or looks twice, that is his error. Just like flaunting billboards while driving down the road. . . And personally, we don’t need to concern ourselves before other people; we need to consider what pleases Yah–and I think the Spirit of Truth will confirm what’s righteous. Just my 2cents. Lol.

    • Amen! Women are not responsible for men who don’t have self deciplin or self control. It seems as if people want women to cover up. Next to looking like muslims. Really? I hope women pray about these messages that are being taught and let God lead them. Ask for wisdom, ask him to lead and guide you into all truth. Not man made rules of fanaticisim

  2. A lot of what she is saying is good and true, however, she doesn’t have to look that awful with that rag on her head. I think she’s going to The Other Extreme now

    • Amen! Yes, i’ve been seeing a lot of christians/messianic jews going down the road of fanaticisim. (Fanatics) looking very unkept. Some are even saying that we can’t wear perfumes. I am sorry, but some of us need some perfume!! Telling us that we need to wear a dress or shirt that does not show cleavage or curves. So why did God make us women with curves and breast for then.? So if i wear a size small top or even a size small dress. Am i suppose to wear a large or extra large dress/shirt just hide my figure.? Is that what dressing modest really is? Dressing modestly is so simple. I do not know why people like to complicate things. It’s really not that complicated. Let us be careful to not lead people down a road of fanaticisim.

  3. It’s good to talk about modesty, however; you only focus on women. It is the responsibility of both sexes to dress modestly. I have seen numerous men go without shirts, wear form fitting sleeveless t-shirts, tight jeans, and bikinis. I have raised sons and a daughter, I taught them BOTH to dress modestly.

    • Amen! True! They always focus on the women. What about the men? And i also think that some of us are taking modesty to another level, by looking beat down, dirty, and just not put together. Looking very unkept. I do not think you have to look like an old beat up brown bag. To look like a child of God. Or so-called modest.

  4. shalom shalom – sorry but I disagree in part on this one – string bikinis & speedos?? NO!! … but … many times in the bible the bride was dressed up for the bridegroom and men and were dressed up in “finery” (remember all those gold nose rings) – you have to know where to draw the line – modesty is one thing but dressing in a “sack” (for lack of a better description) is something else – long forgotten is classy not brassy for men and women

  5. Thank you so much for having a woman’s perspective! And yes everything she said is true and thank you sister for your heart and understanding the daily pressure we feel it’s very real for women. We’ve been raised here in America at least I can say since I’m from here that out outward appearance reflects our inner worth. That if we aren’t pretty we aren’t smart, valuable, worthy to be even heard or as a human. We are subconsciously brainwashed in society since we are little girls so we don’t even realize we are programmed to look a certain way and if we don’t we are freaks, outcasts etc. Thank you brother Paul for having her beautiful loving perspective! God bless you both!

  6. Matthew 13:44-46 “Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto treasure hid in a field; the which when a man hath found, he hideth, and for joy thereof goeth and selleth ALL THAT HE HATH and buyeth that field. Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto a merchant man, seeking goodly pearls: Who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold ALL THAT HE HAD, and bought it.” We must decrease so Yeshua may increase, may we be vessels for Yah’s will and dress like daughters and sons of the most High! Modesty is charitable, classy, and beautiful and even non-believing men think so, I’ve found. We must pursue holiness, without which no man may see who our wonderful Savior is. He who is spiritual judges/evaluates all things. Praise Yah!

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