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Michael Rood welcomes special speaker Kamal Saleem whose personal story of the making and unmaking of an Islamic terrorist will enlighten, inspire and spark a healthy fear in the hearts of all who hear it.

Islam without the supreme law of Sharia can’t do anything. Sharia law dictates every single element of the life of Muslims. We know that Islam is slavery because when they take on Sharia they have to live by a code that is given to them by Mohammad.

Most Christians in this country today don't know much about the dangers of Islam and Sharia law. 40% of Muslims worldwide and 62% of Muslims living in the U.S. support Sharia law. Jihad is the cornerstone of Islam. 164 verses of the Koran prescribes Jihad. One third of Islam commands the carrying out of Holy war. So what can we do?

God will go before us and lead us. When we allow the "super " of God into our nature, and allow our nature to move in the "super", we, the church, then become and move in the "supernatural". You are not to just hear the truth and do nothing. You are to take that truth, and with God in you, accomplish great things in the earth.

Will you stand up and walk in the truth? Watch this incredible episode and learn the plan against believers in Yeshua!

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23 thoughts on “The Ugly Truth of Islam – Shabbat Night Live – 5/11/18

  1. honestly, your shows are too long. make them short, sweet, to the point. most folks have little time to watch a 1.5hour movie in a single setting. hola, amigo!

  2. Phenomenal presentation, he could move mountains with Walid Shoebat. I’m sure they are in fellowship. Thank you. I’m married to a middle eastern Christian, this is all true. We have no idea what we are up against. We need to be supporting our persecuted Christian brothers and sisters in the East.

  3. Wow the Story told by Kamal Saleem it is a very important story , that he brought forth , i’m so glad he told his story here .this so very valuable story that was told here, thanks for posting .

  4. All muslims believe the following words are good and true and right;
    Quran (5:33) – “The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His messenger and strive to make mischief in the land is only this, that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides”
    No one who believes in these words is a good person. They cant even defend them. When you bring this quote up they just try to change the subject.
    The goal of islam is world domination and ALL MUSLIMS support this. If they claim they dont then they are lying, which islam allows them to do.

  5. I am talking to the Marine dude that looks like St Nickolas. There is another guy that looks alot like you on YouTube. He is tricky but I couldn’t understand why I kept coming back to this channel. All I can say is it is the Holy Spirit. Ask Father Creator God through my precious Savior King Jesus Christ. If He don’t tell you I know Him many many years and been blessed with the Relationship of my Father through His Son, my SAVIOR Jesus Christ. I am connecting with the beautiful young lady who reminds me of my daughter. It’s all in the hands of my Father through Jesus Christ now. PS to the Marine, my daddy is a Marine who is probably your age. His leads the singing at my brothers Church. It’s a Baptist independent. We are being as John the Baptist did. Putting Jesus Christ in front of everyone face untill God chooses to to let anyone cut our head off. PSS I am so not trying to offend you but selling so much is making my Spirit at unrest because people need to hear this Truth! Jesus Christ tore the church up for selling and I Know if you just step out on Faith one time God will pay all your bills. No doubting one step then Father God Creator. Amen 🌷 BLESSINGS

  6. Our Savior Who Art in Heaven, Please Bless Everyone on Earth. (Especially “The Elites” & Their Minions Inside the World’s Banks & Governments) Who Plot Against God & Their Fellow Man. So They’ll Not Themselves Fall Into The Snares They’ve Set for Others. (May God Grant Them “The Wisdom to Change Their Ways” Before They May Pass & Face Judgement Day Before His Throne). In Jesus Name, Amen <3

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