In the second of this two part “Yom Teruah” series, Michael Rood welcomes special speaker Kamal Saleem whose personal story of the making and unmaking of an Islamic terrorist will enlighten, inspire and spark a healthy fear in the hearts of all who hear it.

Islam without the supreme law of Sharia can’t do anything. Sharia law dictates every single element of the life of Muslims. We know that Islam is slavery because when they take on Sharia they have to live by a code that is given to them by Mohammad.

Most Christians in this country today don't know much about the dangers of Islam and Sharia law. 40% of Muslims worldwide and 62% of Muslims living in the U.S. support Sharia law. Jihad is the cornerstone of Islam. 164 verses of the Koran prescribes Jihad. One third of Islam commands the carrying out of Holy war. So what can we do?

God will go before us and lead us. When we allow the "super " of God into our nature, and allow our nature to move in the "super", we, the church, then become and move in the "supernatural". You are not to just hear the truth and do nothing. You are to take that truth, and with God in you, accomplish great things in the earth.

Will you stand up and walk in the truth?

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4 thoughts on “The Ugly Truth. Will You Stand Up To Islam? (Featuring Kamal Saleem)

  1. That was sad about those poor singing birds, I do not think that was funny atall. Islamists are idolatrous. Only Jesus is the Saviour of Mankind. He is the Fullness of the Godhead dwelling Bodily. He is also THE LIGHT, meaning enlightenment, and is every Word of Truth in the Scriptures. Outside of Christ is that Outer Darkness he warned of. If only people realized this, that.He is humanity’s only hope, and once with Jesus, we then understand he is God in the flesh and the, Holy Spirit teaches us as we obey the Word. Please pray for Tommy Robinson to be Redeemed, he has a noble heart and is being wrongfully imprisoned. God could greatly use him.

    Thank you for this wonderful message, I heard your personal testimony a couple of years ago. People need to hear it, English people are very lukewarm, comfortable in their Sunday worship, coffee mornings. Bible meetings which lead nowhere but back to another coffee morning. We need to see Christianity in ACTION in the West. You converted Muslims make very sincere strong believing Christians because you are not afraid to turn words to action.

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