The Almighty created all things with purpose and we are caretakers of those purposes. But, when we lose our focus on Him, the evil one can sneak in and plant his purposes — the tare that takes over and destroys like a weed.

In this special guest teaching, Bill Cloud explains our awesome responsibility to guard the purposes of YeHoVaH and how to avoid sleeping on the job, allowing the enemy to take over!

Everything is created to function according to its purpose… the question is, “are you functioning according to YOUR purpose?”


5 thoughts on “The Wheat and the Tares

  1. Big Fan of this Ministry, but I somehow Can’t contrive a personal Conviction over eating Pork… it just doesn’t seem to appeal to gentile believers the same it would weigh to jewish believers – and I don’t see the apostles reiterating that rule in the NT. I Could be wrong, but still, i’m generally a fan of this ministry.

  2. Dear Michael, wondering whether you heard Bill Cloud’s comments regarding the consumption of swine flesh / pork? He appears to belittle Yehovah’s commandment not to eat it, and makes the comment that, “he doesn’t think eating swine flesh will kill you, not right away anyway.”
    If Bill Cloud eats swine flesh or condones it, then he really is no representative of Yehovah, and shouldn’t be of Michael Rood. There is a commandment not to consume swine flesh or even touch it dead or alive, but Bill appears to circumvent this commandment by his comments, and that is a questionable faith system Bill follows if this is correct.
    Thank you MR appreciate all your work, Yehovah bless you.

    • Lucy. Please watch and listen again to what Bill is saying within the context of his message. Bill does not condone the consumption of unclean foods, and himself does not eat unclean food. Shalom.

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