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How we dress says who we are. The world today enjoys immodesty and don't realize shame and nakedness go together according to the Scriptures. You can get the full teaching of this video on DVD at this link:


2 thoughts on “The World Takes Pride In Being Naked

  1. The pagan Christian Church has twisted the nakedness factor into what this man tries to claim is the way of Creator. The fact is that the bloody shepp skins hung on our first parents’ shoulders in no way covered any genitalia, nor was it meant to. The nakedness of people is not a shame, until pagan church people try to imply that somehow it is.

    The naked body of any human is not sexual, either, else why are rapes not carried out on naked people? Instead, the fact is that sexual perversion is delegated to clothed people, not to socially naked ones, at all. This lying witness has no basis in fact, scripture, nor any heavenly precedent to stand upon. In fact, if nakedness is so anathema to what is good, why was Y’suah completely naked on the cross, and why did prophet Isaiah walk three years naked in Y’srael, and why did early converts to Y’suah take naked baptism, and why has all that innocent nakedness been so maligned today?

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