Of all the juicers on the market none can compare to the juicer I talk about in this video. If you want to understand health, you have to understand how this juicer works.


30 thoughts on “The World’s Best Juicer and Why You Need To Understand It.

  1. When you are sick you need to juice to get nutrients into the body without the body needing to work so hard. juicing put me on the road to recovery.

  2. Not only a misleading title but also not applicable for all … older people have less teeth to chew carrots or apples or other hard fruits and vegetables… that is when electric juicers are needed!

  3. If you want a juicer buy any kind other than Hurom – the Customer Service is worthless. They didn’t even return my 3 yr old juicer base that I sent in (I had a 10 yr warranty on it – what’s the good of it?) They don’t care about anybody, not like I was taught. They didn’t answer to my 5 phone calls and 5 e-mails to two different places let alone return my base or replace it with a new one, what I was promised with the warranty.

    • i believe it was designed by time and evolution. that’s still mother-nature, life and death. maybe it’s not intelligently designed, but it IS designed… we’re not just a big sack of random puss and detritus, the body after all of these thousands of years has been engineered quite effectively…

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