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  1. Hi Paul, i have a couple of weeks trying to eat better.
    So i was wondering, Vitamineral Green POWDER is ‘better’ than Moringa Leaf Powder in terms of getting more nutrients?


  2. I 100% disagree with your statement that a vegetarian diet is healthy if done right its still heavy mucus forming diet with lots of cheeses,soy products,pastas and grains even a so called healthy vegetarian is still borderline SAD diet but a healthy well rounded vegan diet could be achieved with some modifications.The best super food supplement on the market has to be vita mineral green from Jameth Sheradin Health Force Nutrition has everything your body needs its wild crafted and beyond organic

    • brandonsanchez2009 The word “vegetarian” has become soooo corrupted and misleading. To me it means plant-based and just like meat the dairy and egg industries are based on cruelty & exploitation of the female reproductive system. Frankly, vegetarians/vegans need a campaign to reclaim the word “vegetarian” ! Unfortunately, we were so desperate at one point for acceptance that we embraced anyone (especially celebrities) who would call themselves a vegetarian in order to inflate our numbers. That’s lead to a lot of confusion and animosity between vegetarians and vegans.

  3. If certain nutrients are very difficult for Humans to get from food, is it NECESSARY? I really question the “Vitamin” Theory. But also, if a Nutrient IS available and easy to get and we DO NOT access it, then that is OUR fault; MAYBE we are Supposed to eat that thing, but we make these decisions – good or bad for ourselves. Certain foods that we reject may be within the Natural scheme of things but because we/Humans have abused them/it we go over backwards in the Other direction, Extremes.

  4. I recently got into super foods! what is your opinion on david wolf and im little scaptable of his products and information? AlsoMy twin brother and I have Lost 175 Lbs combined!! We went raw vegan and now feel better then ever. Check out our YouTube Channel, You will Love it! All we want to do is motivate and inspire! Lets transform together!!

  5. We call it Malunggay in the Philippines. One of philiipines  favoritevegetable or plant  . We add it our cooking. We believe its a healing plant. Theres are a lot of medicines derive from this plant. in the Philippines. Also use for soap. shampoo and cures for many disease.

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