“The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest”
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26 thoughts on “There Is A CURE For CANCER

  1. Paul, been a follower to you for a long long time, although I dont write comments, I just could not help myself this time… THANK YOU for your generosity with informations, well great informations should I say, and for your time doing those videos.

    Thank you for sharing the link on Thursday.

    From Quebec city, Canada, much appreciation to you, Paul. – Rosalind –

  2. Search Rick Simpson. He cured cancer in the late 90’s. Phoenix Tears is his web site. He has been curing cancer and fighting the global prohibition on cannabis for decades. God gave us the cure and Rick has spent a good portion of his life fighting to cure people. Peace, love and God bless the truth.

  3. Hello Paul, Thank you for the important information in this video
    I have sent you a friend request so we can chat in google hangout as you had suggested about a week ago. Google hangouts would be fine as would fb. I’m looking forward to speaking with you. I hope we can speak soon at your convenience. If you recall, I sent you a letter regarding several different locations and relocating.
    Regards. Be well.

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