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Art Mathias from Wellspring ministres in Alaska talks about what the Bible says about Yeshua being Yahweh and Yahweh is one!

This video is part of a longer interview I did with Art Mathias.

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17 thoughts on “There is no such thing as Trinity in the Bible

  1. Thanks brother Paul for your courage to speak upon this sensitive topic, and of your bold stance! Elohim is echad! There are many who want to make the Messiah as only a man in human flesh, but these individuals don’t realize that it is only by the remission of sins by His blood that we can truly have redemption and enter His blood covenant. Without this knowledge, that individual is on a different path and will not be entering the DOOR of The Messiah!

  2. This is true the trinity is false but what is also false is the name your calling our creator Yahweh… if you actually just do a little research on the ancient Hebrew alphabet The letter W or E isn’t a letter.. and Yahweh is a pagan deity on top of that.. the most accurate name I’ve found and have power with is YAHUAH and Yahauasha but we all to take it in to prayer and see if we’re convicted.. APTTMH Yah Bless

    • I was thinking more like Yahavah and Yahshua (Joshua in English) but I don’t think that Elohiym will condemn us if we get His name wrong. It’s something that will be quickly corrected when Yahshua returns. I usually use the short form “Yah” since I don’t see any controversy about that. Shalom

  3. Nehemia Gordon and Keith Johnson are busy going through Shem Tov ibn Shaprut’s Hebrew Matthew and comparing them to other Hebrew Matthew Manuscripts.

  4. Indeed, YAHWEH is One, therefore, The Messiakh Name must be YAHWEH.
    If you insist to call The Messiakh with “other name”, you cast aside YAHWEH for other name.

    Think logic, man.

  5. There are so many theological and adherence issues, uses of language, etc that are denominational differences. Use of the word Trinity is one example of variances among denominations as to if or how the word “Trinity” is used. We don’t quite use words like “died” accurately; though we might understand what one another mean. For example, Jesus said to Martha, “He who believes in me will never die”, so why do we say of someone who was a believer that they died? Paul said that he didn’t permit a woman to speak in church, and the bible says “women are not to teach a man”, but most any church or synagogue that I’ve been in at some time or another has had women that will will talk for quite a while, and I’ve considered that somewhere in what the woman has said has some teaching in it and there is men present. …Yet where the Spirit of The Lord is… 2 Corinthians 3:17 Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. Also, by the fruit you will know them. Matthew 7: 15-20 By “them”, Matthew is saying that by the fruit of false teachers you will know them; but also there should be some sense of not to unnecessarily judge.

    The reformation age influenced Christians to have basis on original text of scripture, yet with all the correcting of theology, there was anti Jewish and black sentimentalism that many who had that sentimentalism changed their ways and hopefully it can be said that Christians held to having a regard for being a friend to the Jews. So many are so called churches are falling away from even the core message of “Christ crucified”. Jewish roots is effective at guarding against homogenization. Even so, America and whatever Christian values weren’t just by luck or by behavioral modification. The Christians who loved so much that they laid down their lives; our military, those who sacrificed for freedom, put in the effort to guard political issues having to do with righteousness came out of some kind of doctrine; many of “the faithful” read the word and had some denomination that they attended. Personally, I don’t use the word, “Trinity” it’s better to take a little bit of time to describe, such as “Jesus glorified and worshiped The Father, The Holy Spirit glorifies The Father, but there’s no where in scripture where it says to worship The Holy Spirit.

    Thank you, Paul for facilitating the Torah studies… Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.

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