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The Ark of the Covenant – The book, The Late Great Planet Earth, awakened the Christian world to the reality of Bible prophesy being fulfilled in our generation. Since the early 1970s this book has been revised dozens of times, yet there are some misconceptions which were never challenged until Michael Rood’s, “The Mystery of Iniquity – The Legal Prerequisites to the Return of the Messiah.” In that landmark tome, Michael stripped away vagaries in the English versions of the Bible to reveal answers that were clearly evident in both the Hebrew and Greek manuscripts. One of the most twisted interpretations to be evidenced in the prophetic scriptures was championed by Scofield as evidence for a secret rapture before the brimstone hits the fan — a doctrine that Yeshua exposed as the fabrication of false prophets we were instructed not to follow.

Join Michael Rood for this week’s Shabbat Night Live as he presents the second episode in "The Ark of the Covenant” series – "There Will Be No "Falling Away’."

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