There's More To Health Than Diet

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5 thoughts on “There’s More To Health Than Diet

  1. Thanks for a Great year Bro. Paul – Your heart is for the Total well being of people. I have been around you enough to see that. Physical, as well as mental and most certainly Spiritual Health. That passion comes from our Creator..Yah Bless you Brother and Mya 2016 be beyond what you could have ever imagined…

  2. Tropical fruit is pretty much impossible to eat here in MN…. except we can get bananas of course, and they contain high sugar so can’t use them over-much with a cancer dx. These fruits are too sour or they never do ripen, and those are the GMO/non organics. Then there is raw vegetables.. cauliflower is $8 a head now, red/green peppers are $3 each, so ?? For raw foods, I eat only spinach and mixed greens, celery, a few cherry tomatoes, onions and garlic, all organic… it’s the only thing affordable. This is not a varied diet.

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