People often struggle with eating salads. If you do not like to eat green leafy vegetables so you avoid eating salad, I promise you, this dressing will make you enjoy eating salads again.

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9 thoughts on “This Dressing Makes Every Salad Taste Great

  1. A few months ago, I was all enthusiastic and tried out the “Raw Vegan” diet, and after trying out a few different recipes, I found that I really only liked one type of leafy salad with a creamy dressing like the one you just made, but sadly I only lasted a week on the diet and lost the motivation somehow : / ….but I might try it again since it is nearly summer here in Australia, and fresh mangoes and other exotic fruits are arriving on the market

  2. Paul, why have so many raw foodies stop Making videos? It was my only inspiration. So so many have stopped doing it. I love nut and seed dressings but must keep it simple. I’m not all gourmet like, but would really like the old time raw food YouTube’s back. Can you recommend some for me to watch other than just inspirational chit chat? Thanks, and keep those simple recipes coming.

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