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We all know how I love to sleep outside in a tent to get fresh air while I sleep. Today on the show is a lady who enjoys sleeping outside in a hammock.


14 thoughts on “This Lady Sleeps Outside In A Hammock

  1. I sleep out in the elements all year round. It was very cold this morning when I woke up here in NEPA. Not to bad till it gets real windy. My friend thinks I am going to get sick or die from exposure but been doing it for 10 years now and still alive.

  2. it sounds nice but im afraid of someone attacking me or something, there is areason i stay inside at night, because im young and female.However, I think its a good idea to keep the window open on nice days…
    In Chicago it is simply too cold I think some nights to be outside.

  3. I’m in Australia, and I regularly hike and camp in alot of rough terrain.
    Myself and friends are slowly dropping the traditional Australian swag for various types of hammocks. We have turned to “tenth wonder” hammocks, which are similar to the Hennesey hammock (derived from the brazilian gathered end hammock)
    I have to say, far more comfortable and lighter to carry.

  4. I have terrible back pain sleeping on a mattress, so I’ve been considering getting a hammock, but what would you say about the back support from the hammocks that have the bars at each end, verses the cocoon style?

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