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I've been on a raw vegan diet for many years and made many raw food recipes. After doing food demos all over the world this is the recipe I've made the most.

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16 thoughts on “This Raw Vegan Recipe is my most popular

  1. My son makes the best pesto I have ever had, but he just makes it up in his head and doesn’t remember. He just does it and i’ve never seen him do it. Thanks for this recipe to try. It looks just as good or better.

  2. I use the same spiralizer. You don’t use any nutritional yeast in your pesto? I have a different recipe that calls for that, although I don’t have any of that in my fridge. Yummy recipe, Paul!

  3. Pesto should have garlic in it and I prefer the classic made with all basil…And please stop screaming….oh, now at the end you remember that you forgot to add garlic…which you should have realized when you tasted it!

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