Thousands of Varieties of mangos
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8 thoughts on “Thousands of Varieties of mangos

  1. I just went to this mango grove and was disappointed in the lack of selection of mangoes they have for sale.They had tons and tons of mangoes but mostly of only
    2 varieties,edwards and simmons period.They only had  had a table with mabey 20 or so mangoes that were not those 2 varieties and they did even looked freshly picked.Their mangos were good but not the best tasting by any means.The guy said they were sold out of the other stuff and they only had left overs but they can get the others in the future.If they could ,they would of picked them off the trees for me when I was there but they didn’t.Excalibur fruit trees in Lake Worth off Fearnley road always has at least a dozen varieties available as well as many other tropical fruit.I think they have the best tasting Lemon Moringue and Carrie varieties grown in palm beach county.I like excaliburs because their fruit is picked fresh unlike this farm where their mangoes are picked before they are ripe.If you try excaliburs fruit you will say theres is the sweetest

    • +Roy Ray When I went they had a least 10 different varieties to try. Excalibur is great but very expensive. Delray Mango farm is also a great option.

  2. Adam Sandler should play you in a movie, you remind me of each other. Silly comment but you saying almonds STILL MAKES ME LAUGH. You are a cool guy, thanks for the videos, very much enjoyed.

  3. i absolutely love mangoes! I have family in Florida with mango trees and they are all obese because they eat meat and dairy and junk food. So sad to have such a wonderful fruit and not take advantage of it.

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