Dr. Tim Morrow speaks on the healing of the body through herbs. He also speaks on how it is important for us to understand, that we are responsible to take care of our own bodies. Lets take care of us family starting today.

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24 thoughts on “Tim Morrow What The Doctors Will Not Tell You!

  1. Great video, Thanks. I had a Liver disease that was incurable( The Dr’s said) like Tim, I went to the health food store as God sent me. The people at the Health food store helped me, so I could build up my immune system. That was 16 years ago, an I’m still here. I’m now starting to eat fresh fruits and vegetable’s with a blender, an it’s so good. Tryin’ to stay away from cooked food.

  2. WoW! What an inspiring informative video! I will take so much of what he said to try and change my health! No more ” gluey ” sticky foods for me ! I loved how he gave info on how our bodies regenerate themselves! I have chronic pain from a dire condition – but, I am going to continue to change a lot of choices in my life- HalleluYah!

  3. An herbalist accused of practicing medicine without a license was charged Wednesday after his treatment of a 13-year-old boy with diabetes allegedly contributed to the Harbor Gateway teen’s death, officials said.

    Timothy Morrow faces one count of child abuse causing death and a single count of practicing medicine without a license, according to a news release from the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office.

  4. Timothy Morrow is facing get up to 2 years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine.

    “LOS ANGELES — An herbalist who touted natural cures that helped him overcome cancer has been charged in the 2014 death of a 13-year-old diabetic boy who prosecutors said he treated with herbal oils instead of insulin. The suspect, 83-year-old Timothy Morrow, advised the victim’s parents to treat their son with herbs instead of insulin just one day before his death, the Los Angeles city attorney’s office told CBS Los Angeles.”
    – CBS NEWS

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