45 thoughts on “Top 10 Archaeological Discoveries that Authenticate the Bible

  1. How can a few archaeological finds authenticate the Bible? The Bible could have been a re-write of an older book, with some inclusions, for whatever the purpose of the writer was, seems vague. For that vagueness, people have waged war and killed each other.

    • Only you can validate the Bible in your own mind. This takes diligent time consuming study and research in a wide range of areas, especially for those who doubt its authenticity in the first place(reason I know I was a complete skeptic myself some years ago). If you really are interested in finding the truth let me know I will try to provide direction that will help you with your journey. Throughout history mankind uses 100’s of reasons to wage war, including so called “religions” and in most cases the wars are based on greed, power or hate using “excuses” to initiate.
      Peace and God bless

    • look into the scholarly endeavor called textual criticism, it paints an interesting picture of how, who and why the book was constructed and shows how often and the many ways the book was polluted and or manipulated with and without intent to do so. There is much known on this topic and there are many books on the subject, some by scholars written in simple terms for public consumption. Elaine Pagels or Karen Armstrong are good starting points–their books are well referenced and easy to read.

  2. Bible is just amazing, Demons, satan, evil Moslems, evil emperors and descendants of evil men, i mean current skeptics have all tried to bring God’s book down but they will always fail like their ancestors

    • Donald Schofield******Obviously you’re wrong. The main underlying theme of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation is extremely positive with God’s plan of spiritual redemption delivering man from his fallen spiritual and immoral nature!
      ***********************The consummate reality of God’s love for humanity was crystallized in the advent, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It’s the Messiah who creates a new spiritual and moral nature within an individual by impartation of the Holy Spirit upon repentance of sin and belief upon the Lord Jesus Christ for remission of sins!
      ***********************Christ’s finished work on the cross exhibited God’s unsurpassed love for humanity and the lengths God would take to sacrifice his only begotten Son for our transgressions, is the greatest act of love known in the annals of human history, that’s undeniable!

  3. So in all the discoveries did you learn what God’s name is? Look at Psalms 83:18 in the New World translation and you’ll find out. Jehovah! I’ m sure it’s in the dead Sea scrolls.

  4. Hey! False terms. It only authenticates certain biblical stories. NOT what every Christian denomination has added over the years to claim THEIR denominations to be the ONLY true one’s. ADD that 30 years ago, I’d seen the oldest known Bible at the time and IT was dated to be 1500 years old AND show many discrepancies and/or misinterpretations/lies/changes made by EVERY denomination today. At least state THAT MUCH of the TRUTH. THAT is why people have so much trouble trying to believe.

    • The dead sea scrolls which are dated to around the time of Christ provide the authenticity and reference material to establish which Bible to be the most precise. As for denominations – ALL religions this includes denominations interject errors in doctrine that vary from the teachings of the Bible.
      The reason people have such a hard time believing…Satan is the master of deception and has used mankind’s ignorance for thousands of purposes.
      One video will not provide any individual who is skeptical enough evidence to change their mind about the authenticity of the Bible, but there are numerous videos on this YouTube channel which provide validation. Personally I suggest starting with learning the science within the Book of Genesis to start that path(it began the change of my skeptical viewpoint)and doing so with the correct Biblical teachers capable of providing the knowledge and wisdom of the Bible with the expertise to do so.
      Link to a study on the Book of Genesis by the absolutely best individual for this endeavor if you are interested –

    • Every thing you said out of ignorance or deception is wrong. The earliest manuscripts of Pauls writtings and the Gospels such as the Chester Beatty Papyri among others date to the third century.
      “These fragments are palaeographically dated to the first half of the 3rd century” Source? Wikipedia, as well as any ancient text website.
      They are virtually identical to the Textus Receptus that the KJV and some other translations are translated into English from the Greek that they are written.
      Get your facts strait before you write obvious falsities.

    • I’m not wrong on this one. The bible of the Mormons, Jehova’s, 7th day Adventous, RC, Anglican, etc all have their own beliefs implimented in the bible they use. Think about it or look through them all. Anyone who donates can change Wikipedia or did you skip over that too? Barely anyone in Priesthood or ministry can tell me anything about,”The Veil of Veronica.” They don’t know about her yet it is in the near middle of the bible. I tell you the same Sir,”Get your facts strait before you write obvious falsities.’

  5. If you choose NOT to believe that God exists and is the reason the Bible still exists and was not lost or changed very much…NOTHING here will change your bullneck. You are who the Bible speaks about repeatedly: Acts 7:51

    51 Stephen continued speaking: “You ·stubborn [L stiff-necked] people! You have ·not given your hearts to God, nor will you listen to him [L uncircumcised hearts and ears]! You are always ·against [resisting] what the Holy Spirit is trying to tell you, just as your ·ancestors [forefathers; fathers] were.”

  6. That boat was not the type of boat that could have been taken across rough water by all those men out across the sea, it would have sunk in the ensuing storm It was a ‘bigger ship’ as referred in the KIng James: And when they had sent away the multitude, they took him even as he was in the ship. And there were also with him other little ships. Mark 4. There is debate where He actually went and what sea they crossed to get to the land of the Gadarenes. Some say he went across the Mediterranean, where great storms were more likely than in the lake of Galilee.

  7. Caiaphas’ bones won’t rise again! Jesus said those opposing Scribes and Pharisees who say the clear evidence of Divine backing in his miracles etc have the judgement of ‘Gehenna’ – a rubbish pit outside Jerusalem where dead criminals and animals were tossed and burned. A symbol of a death unworthy of proper burial or memorial, not eternal Torment in some afterlife – remember, no one was ever thrown in alive. Jesus’ Jewish audience would have been very familiar with this fact and understood nothing of some ‘Hellfire’. The Ketef Hinnom fragments were found near there – The Valley of Hinnom/Gehinnom/Gehenna.

    • Just to clear things up, written by man designed by God. The codes buried in to the Torah in multiple sequences, chapters and messages alone suggest it was not only designed by God but done so by a Being outside of our space-time.

  8. What a load of biblical propaganda! Like all religions Christianity is a man made exercise in population control. Come on people, we have to move on from all of this

    • Del Jeffreys
      Many people wage their own Jihads against homosexuals under the guise of Christianity with anti homosexuality campaigns but that is altogether contrary to the true dictates of Christianity. We should never judge homosexuals because i am no better sinner than them, we all need Christ’s grace. Many people have objections to homosexuals based upon their personal feelings but they try to sugar coat their angers by hiding behind God’s word. I myself have realized I am more uncomfortable with Gay guise but will live side by side with Lesbians. Which showed me that its not the idea of Homosexuality I am against but it is just my personal discomforts that makes me do so. However if i am to try and cover for my discomforts, i cant go in the streets and say I don’t want gay brothers because it makes me uncomfortable, it is rather less powerful. However if i could say “God doesn’t want it”, people may listen to me which is what people are doing these days, if they were against homosexuality because God is against it, they should do the same campaigns against adultery and thieves and drunkards but they do not.

      For anyone who claims to have accepted Christ but still practices homosexuality I have every right to ask them to stop, but to anyone who is not of Christ, yet or will never be, I will leave Judgement to God. I am sure many homosexuals will inherit the Kingdom of God while hypocrites who call themselves Christians and preach hate will miss the reward.

      I hope I am making sense brother, but my final words are that, because I do that believe something God did or said is wrong does not make a case for nonexistence of God, I believe that sleeping with your wife as long as you do not know it is right….. after all i leave her genitals with her and i will use a condom to avoid infecting or impregnating her, i have a case here, to say there is nothing wrong with me sleeping with your wife. But since God said its wrong, should I say then that he doesn’t exist?????

      Still your last message does not show me where from the bible where it says the earth is the center of the universe….

    • Christian Poet Very typically Christian of you to miss my point. Also these are not arguments they are facts. Your god urges all sorts of vengeful acts in his name. It was you who said the bible was the word of God. I selected a quote from Romans and you now state that this wasn’t his word, voila! To coin a phrase and How very convenient.
      Also, at no point did I say that this was a reason for your God not to exist and let’s face it you can’t tell me why the god you believe in is the true God over and above the God of other faiths can you. Only your blinkered undying faith validates this for you.
      Let me explain my logic to you. I can punch holes in your book because it is the fallible word of man. You will defend it with no factual explanation why your particular brand is THE FAITH to follow. What’s wrong with how Muslims or Jews find their god?
      The majority of people in this world are not Christian, thank God😁 Your comment about what can happen to communities if homosexuality goes unchecked is very telling about you.
      Enjoy your heaven if or when you get there and please don’t think that having to write essays at me every time validates your argument.
      It is clear that you are immersed in your particular religion and this is great. Thankfully for humanity you are in the minority.
      “The bible never forces you to accept it, the rewards for those who OBEY! will come later” How arrogant, condescending and sinister!
      Jesus Christ man!
      By the way nowhere in my previous post did I say that a Christians notion of hell was eternal, only your perceived idea of heaven.
      So I will not be looking for reference to it in your book.
      Also If we’re setting challenges for each other, I challenge you to give me proof that yours is the true God and not any of the countless thousands of other deities than man has conceived over the millions of years that we have been evolving?

    • Del Jefferys
      I did not see your post from Romans and please do enlighten me where i said something from the bible is not God’s word.

      Secondly, I do not believe my faith is blinkered because i have been where you are and i have been a Muslim and i have studied Judaism.. I have reasons why i believe Christianity is the true faith. However my object, as I said before, are not to tarnish other people’s religions, but to preach Christ and him crucified. With that in mind i will not say anything bad about other religions whatsoever.

      I do not think I said anything will happen to society, what I meant was that God sees a bigger picture than ourselves and he might know what that would do to society, something we might not be able to.

      If you really believe you are right in what you are saying why on earth are you losing your cool. Calling me names will not help you drive your point home, if you think you have facts, advance them and we see them.

      If you are going to drill holes in the bible, by all means brother, do so, that is the beauty of freewill, you are to do what pleases you .

      And if you say that I am in the majority, then God has blessed and seen me worthy to be part of the few. I rejoice because I know I am in the right. the bible says few will find the path that leads to righteousness. Just because Christianity commands few followers does not make it any less right.

      I still am also waiting for evidence that substantiate your claims against the bible.

    • Christian Poet Not understanding your opening comment?
      I did not say that you said something from the bible is NOT the word of god. You said to me that you believe the bible to be the word of god, correct?I demonstrated an example of something said in gods name in Romans 1:31-32 and you then disputed that this was gods word. Conveniently.
      Also I’m completely cool,although debating with a Christian can be laughably frustrating and I put it to you that you are being terribly defensive over your beliefs! Which is not uncommon of a devoted religious person.

      Your silence on other religions also speaks very loudly to me in an, ” I know my religion is right so I don’t even need to entertain the idea of debating the other religions” type of way.

      I love the, “what I meant was”,comment, on my point about homosexuality because what you meant is most definitely not what you said in the earlier post.
      I too am waiting for you to provide the proof that your God exists. It’s gonna be a long wait I fear.

    • Del Jefferys
      Like I said, i did not see your comment on Romans 1:31-32, You are removing your comments to early or someone is i don’t know.
      You may need also to see Romans 6:23 and realize that those that sin, will surely die, that includes you and me. We have sinned and we deserve to die, and we will die. What do you want God to have said in Romans 1:31-32 “they have no fidelity, no love no mercy so they deserve to live”? Now this is laughably frustrating. You know most of your ideas I find them extremely absurd and very shaky, i have met people who can do better, you are just not one of them, you probably watched a show of some atheist and it made sense to you and said wow,this may be cool- but you do not have any ideas to put across. Something deep within you tells you God is real and you try your best to fight it off by flimsy arguments.
      I told you I have numerous reasons why I believe Christianity is right, but I will not say any bad thing to those that have different beliefs to mine, that includes you. From my posts before I tried my best never to offend your atheistic beliefs but just defending my faith in love not scorn others as you do ( at least that makes TRUE Christians better people in the community). Therefore if you want me to offend other people’s beliefs because they are different from mine, we may as well stop talking, because my religion tells me to love them and show them the goodness of my faith by the way I live.
      As of the what I meant part what I said in the two comments is just the same, but you are so desperate to see me fall but it is understandable, anyone with shaky arguments which he calls facts will do so.

      My first Evidence which demonstrates the Existence of God is the bible, even though there is more I can point to I will not and I do not need to say more nor to have more….Evidence is everywhere if you keep an open mind, Scriptures and Science Just gave you evidence up there, which is a scrap of the surface of whole bodies of fascinating evidence, but then you do not look for it, you wait for people to tell you, Just as you do not read the bible but criticize it based on what you hear people say, time is running out brother, and when Christ comes you will have no excuse (Rom 1:20).
      but so you should know the existence of God should be proven by faith and not logic, because if science could see God, then every arrogant scientist and privileged person would be the ones to believe in God, and those who cannot understand science would not. That is why God chose the foolish of this world to shame the wise, he chose the weak to shame the strong….and the message of the cross is foolishness to those that are perishing (1 Cor 1:18ff).

      God made sure that his salvation gets received by everyone from all walks of life, his rewards are rewarded to those who has faith. Try to read Hebrews 11 on your own and understand that no one gets rewarded by their logical deductions but by their faith. Those that sacrifice something for God, those that have homosexual inclinations fights them off and says I have given up this for you God, those are the people that God wants.

  9. Whatever, sure some history is there. But that does not mean the Creature called god exists. We have Trees, does this mean Santa exists? We have Eggs, does this mean rabbits lay eggs?

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