19 thoughts on “Torah Portion #12 Vayechi (Genesis 47:28-50:26)

  1. Paul, thank you for continuing these videos! We love featuring them on TeshuvaMinistries[.]net — What’s your take on the ‘hand under thigh’ vow? I heard in a another midrash that it was custom to grab/hold the testicles in this vow…makes it a lot more serious, if you ask me, lol. As if to say, if I dont keep my vow, may my seed be cut off.

  2. Shalom, Yes I love your site and love to promote it. As for testicles, I never heard that before I find it hard to believe. I think it was just the hand under the thigh as a custom of that time. I’m sure there is a bigger meaning behind it but I’m not sure what it was

  3. I recall it was in the Torah Pearls with Keith Johnson & Nehemia Gordon. It’s an interesting thought, by like you said, could simply be a deeper meaning to the hand under thigh.

  4. Thank you Paul for the great torah portion teaching. Question on chapter 49, verse 10. What is your take on the timing of “the sceptre shall not turn aside from Yehudah”. Do you think the latter part of the verse “when Shiloh comes, and to His is the obedience of peoples”, is referring to Yeshua 2k years ago or His second coming? Shalom, Shalom.

  5. Judah was taken to Babylon but a remant was left and also some of the benjamin tribes. The 11 tribes was dispersed all over the world and their descendents would not know who they came from….so according to most the 11 tribes are the believers in Yeshua who are returning to Torah (teachings and instructions of God). The 3 phases are: They will first be awaken to know the truth 1. they will have a desire to obey.2. A desire to learn the language 3. Return to the land of Israel.

  6. Yes, curses come with disobedience. But according to the Book, Israel does have curses as a sign and wonder for who they are. If we listen to the Bible as it talks about the End Days, it says (paraphrase) in Joel 3:6 that Judah (Jews) and Israel were sold to Grecians to a land far from their border, and Deut. 28:68 mentions that they would be brought into another bondage w/ ships. Deut. 28 also says that Israel would become lower than their strangers, and they would be packed in prisons.

  7. Shalom Paul, as a fellow commandment keeper I believe in serving The Creator in Spirit and in Truth as well as you. And you are telling the truth. Israel, as well as many from other nations, is coming out of her and is striving to serve Him in this End Day. Blessings to your ministry and I pray that you keep bringing forth good knowledge for the flock. Shalom.

  8. I don’t know what “book” you are refering bc they were taken captive; however, they would all return to their land forever and no one would pluck them up or distress them. By the way, the word “israel” for most part are not refering to the Land of Israel but rather refering to the Ten Tribes. Jacob name was change to “Israel” so his descendents are call “Israel” so when you read the Holy Bible know that “Israel” are refering to the tribes which are the descendents of Jacob the son of Isaack

  9. I only follow the Bible. I prefer the KJV but there are other decent translations as well, but definitely not the NIV bc they took away several original verses despite their excuse for it. Now it is evident that Israel is a people, I am an Israelite. How? Not only do my people fit all the curses as a sign and wonder but I keep the Laws Statutes and Commandments, the natural and spiritual bloodline. There were 13 tribes but Dan was cut of so now there’s 12 btw. Not trying to convince just read it

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