We continue to learn about the instructions of the offerings from the book of Leviticus. In this torah portion there is a shift from being general instructions for the people of Israel, to more specific directions for the priests of Israel.

The book I read from in this video was Torah Scope by William Mark Huey.


12 thoughts on “Torah Portion #25 Tzav (Leviticus 6:1-8:36)

  1. could you please help me with another question?… some young believers say,… sea weed is not a plant bearing seed,… therefore not acceptable by scriptures to eat,… because it is algal …, ?? only the book of Yonah 2:6 mentions it was around his head in the belly of the fish,… i say it is a plant with seed spores, … Help…

  2. Great question Paul. I know some people say that. I’m not 100% sure. I do eat it but some times have my doubts. I think mushrooms are not kosher for the same reason but I’m not 100% sure about seaweed or alge.

  3. I got to ask about the mushrooms not being Kosher. Are you sure? They naturally replant themselves through the depositing of spores, or seed. This I need to know because we go through a lot of mushrooms in this household and we DO NOT want to eat them if they are not clean according to Yahweh’s standards.

    Please advise Brother Paul, are mushrooms clean?

  4. In our family’s study, we felt they were not clean because they generally grow on decomposing(dying) matter, unlike plants that use already decomposed(dead) nutrients. The spores might scientifically be a type of seed, but they are not “planted” like normal farmer’s would. To an ancient farmer, they would spontaneously appear when the conditions were right. So no “seed” would have been seen. How many bad mushrooms were eaten before the good ones were found?It was 3 strikes your out for us.

  5. God forbid that you should call jesus the messiah. Stop with this stupid fantasy and return to God. Do not add to the Torah or subtract. Stop with the idol worship and return to God!

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