27 thoughts on “Torah questions about the trinity, modesty, covenant and homeschooling

  1. In Genesis 1:12 God gave as One Gift from Himself who is One, but the Gift was Trinity in appearance. The Tree is a natural plant ,but God discerns Three Aspects in the One, The Tree, the Fruit of the Tree and the Seed carried in the Fruit of the Tree. So God used a Three Person Delivery of Speech to speak the Torah aloud and God gave a Tree to use as a Metaphor of God and God appeared in the Burning Bush. God gave many proofs that God would appear to Israel in the Testimony of Three Witnesses.

  2. In the expanding of the Mystery , In Heaven God is One. On Earth God is Messiah. That equals the Father and the Son, being like a sponge which soaks up the water, that in the same place now two are intermingled ,the water soaked up into the sponge. God as Spirit, came down to have the Dust , soak up the Breath of God, the Spirit and so the Messiah is God come down into the Dust and appear as Messiah. The Spirit is the Covenant Agreement when the Messiah interprets for God the Father.

  3. Good ideas but you are treading close to making laws about what’s modest and you don’t have the biblical backing. You seem to being saying a man wearing swim trunks to the beach is acting immodestly and therefore immorally.

  4. @SilverStar40 A man or woman wearing swim trunks is immodest according to God. We are supposed to keep our body covered. The Bible explains over and over again how being naked is a Shame. There is no Law about it because it is just known that a man walking around with their shirt off is immodest. Something unheard of during Bible times.

    • If it is hot. We are free to be on the beach in decent swimwear. People lust even if you have on a sweater and corduroys at the beach. I don’t think there is anything wrong with it and the scriptures do not either. We have the spirit of God that can teach us to discern what is good and what is bad. There are definitely swimwear that would be a modest but not always. What do you wear when you take a shower, do you maintain your covering?

    • No. He hardly ever answers any comments, I hope he does not believe that. Yeshua worships Yahweh and is the mediator between God and man. He is called a man all over the Bible. John 17:3 he tells us the father alone is God

  5. Great video keep informinhey man you need to do a little more studying before you say that the messiah was like our animal sacrifice and ya the temple is destroyed right now… but that doesn’t mean we won’t be doing them again when he comes again and builds it. we see in Acts paul or shaul going to the temple to make sacrifices AFTER the messiah already died. YASHUA said himself that if heaven and earth are here. we will always be following ALL of the torah and none is done away with.Matt ch5

  6. On the whole, very good vid. I think some swimming attire is immodest–but not all. One needs to let the Holy Spirit show them, what is immodest. Like your vids very, very much, brother. Yahweh is using you. Shalom.

  7. no shama yisrael YAHUWEH ECHAD Yahushua IS THE SON and making him equal is an abomination,it is the leaven of grecoroman that paul nison needs to cleanse,

  8. you have no understand of Yahuwah`s Nature or you would not say that. in a matter of fact it is Yahuwah`s himself that made Yahushua Equal to Him. do you ever had a child? if you did …does your child less human than you?

    • We are also called Son of God, does that mean that you are deity? The Bible tells us that there is one mediator between God and man. The human, the man Christ Jesus

  9. Great Q&A especially on the Trinity especially because I am not a Jehovah witness anymore, their teaching confused everything in my life once I learned the real truth from reading the KJB and the Torah… thank you brother Paul Nissan…

  10. I was Catholic. Not anymore. Jehovah drew me to Jesus not in church but in my home. I called out to Jehovah & God poured Yeshua into me I felt Jesus presence. Definitely Me & my father are one. Now I know baptism in Jesus name is correct because Holy Spirit shown me.

  11. Many believe the holy Spirit is a third entity or being of the God head…. In reality it is not a third entity or separate being at all….
    When the Bible speaks of the Holy Spirit, sometimes it is talking about the power of God, or the method by which He works….
    However, the Holy spirit as spoken of in the Bible is far more than just the power of God….
    What people do not understand is that when the Bible says the Holy Spirit spoke, it is saying that God the Father Spoke or God the Son spoke….
    God the Father is Holy and God the Son is Holy and both are Spirit, they both at times are the Holy Spirit being spoken of when it says the the Holy Spirit speaks…. It is not a third person at all….
    Hasatan is the originator of the doctrine of the triniy as he sees himself as the third member of the Godhead as the Covering Cherub…..

  12. “Parts” of God? “Sides” of God? Lol….this guy….Trinity is a false god. Yeshua is “son OF GOD” was not 100% God and 100% man-nonsense! Father alone is the only true God John 17:3 Yeshua worships God

  13. I am interesting in researching the trinity more . I have always been taught the Trinity but it is three aspects of one G-d . Three sides but I agree there are many aspects of G-d . Love the birds chirping

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