Toxins in Food and the Environment: People say that we are what we eat, but it’s more accurate to say that we are what we absorb. How is what we’re absorbing affecting our health? We all want to age gracefully. In order for us to do this, we need to know the difference between synthetic, natural, and bioidentical nutrition and hormones.

There are chemicals in our environment that man synthetically altered, there are chemicals that are natural but NOT natural to our human bodies, and lastly, there are chemicals that are bioidentical – meaning that they are identical to the chemicals that our Creator put in our bodies.

Our human bodies absorb chemicals in many different ways – through our skin, when we breathe, and through what we eat and drink.

Things we absorb can heal us or cause our bodies unwanted symptoms such as fibromyalgia, memory loss, IBS, obesity, chronic pain, and even cancer.

Knowing this, our goal should be to put in the body what belongs there and to keep out of the body what does not.

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