Our goal is to control what our body absorbs — but how do we absorb the nutrition we need to maintain good health? Our foods are different today. In the past, we didn’t have all the additives, excipients, preservatives, fillers and dyes that you see in our groceries today. So, eating organic is smart, but, believe it or not, even this isn’t enough.

Our toxic environment has caused us to mis-process what we eat. Even when we’re eating the good stuff, sometimes our bodies need help. We might lack probiotics (the natural bacterias that we need to absorb certain kinds of nutrition) or we might not have enough enzymes, which are chemicals in our bodies that breakdown our foods properly. We might even lack other chemicals, such as amino acids, the building blocks of the human body that are vital for absorbing nutrients and vitamins.

So, if we want to give our body what it needs, we need to make sure it has the tools to get it.

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