Once we claim Yeshua (Jesus) as our Savior our path will go against the ways of this world. Yeshua (Jesus) says, "They will hate you because of me." We live in a society today people strive to be politically correct so they don't offend anyone. In this video I speak about the difference between being politically correct verses being Biblically correct.

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20 thoughts on “Transgender Bathrooms

  1. your morning shows are beautiful i love it im def not a perfect follower of Jesus and the laws but i always do my best and you help me understand alot and help so god bless you.

  2. These perversions were given an open door years ago and now they are taking over the whole house. We must give much thought to what it means to come out of and separate ourselves from the world.

  3. I Praise G-D for giving you a Voice in this wilderness. There are Many confused and lost, because of the deceptions and lies. May you continue to Go Forth IN HIS NAME, HE will surely continue to Open more Doors for you.

  4. Woe to them that call evil Good and Good evil! WOE WOE WOE For the Hour of your Judgement is coming VERY VERY SOON!!!

  5. No God Fearing offspring can stem from this preschool generation because they are confusing them to become Gay and Transgender. YASHUAH Will come soon because He knows these Transgender Sodomites will Never raise God Fearing Offspring. Come Soon Lord, Your Bride is waiting to get us out of this Sodom and Gemorrah planet!

  6. I don’t know what to think about this topic. Just for practical purposes I don’t like using the ladies room with a man (in a dress). Men and women just have different bathroom habits. Ladies, those of you who have had to share a bathroom with a brother and had bathroom chores know what I am talking about.

  7. Thanks Paul for sharing this truth. You are so spot on the fact that there are parents in jails for disciplinary reasons with their children and no complaints about letting these precious little children dress up in DRAG! Shame on them!! Be blessed my brother and Shabbat Shalom

  8. “sick world is right” & it’s becoming the norm. what they are teaching & incouraging these days is scary. i truly feel these are the last days. if a person chooses to be gay it’s their choice but to teach it is the norm…we are sending confused messages. i fear & can only pray for my grandson. i will not judged someone for there choice but we need to get back to our Creator is right.

  9. when churches became 501 c3 corperations that is the mark of the beast back in the 1950s..madlin mary ohare had prayer taken out of school..how is it posible hundreds of thousands of school went along with it..well this is the same being done with the crazt homo trans plague as of 2015 homo merage..2016 trans homo plague

  10. I just received this video and I’m so glad you spoke against it because MANY churches/ preachers are NOT. You just don’t know what you’re looking at these days.

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