6 thoughts on “Tropical fruit farm in Australia #285 .m4v

  1. Babaco is delicious. Good ones can have a champagne-like taste. It’s basically a different species of papaya. The fruits are longer and more angular.

  2. Ndea I’ve never had. It’s a ‘sarcocephalus’ genus fruit – and there are some better ones in that family. Davidson Plums look impressive yes, are very astringent.

    Rollinia is an amazing fruit… That big lumpy green fruit might be a “pink’s mammoth” atemoya or “moya.” It could also be a giant sugar apple. But really there are so many hybrids and oddities it’s hard to know for sure. The only sure thing is that it is delicious!

  3. Wow excellent video thank you, live in Sydney – definitely need to make a visit to TFW.Anyone know if a Black Sapote can be pollinated by a Fuyu Persimmon tree ?As I have a mature fruiting Fuyu Persimmon & a young growing Black Sapote I am wondering will the fuyu be enough for the black Sapote to be pollinated & fruit well ?

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