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This song was made popular by The Clarke Sisters. Loved listening to them growing up! I pray this music will inspire you and help you to get through whatever you are going through right now -3

Trust in Yahuah. Proverbs 3:5-6

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27 thoughts on “Trust in Yahuah. Hebrew Roots Music *cover song

  1. how can I get in touch with you sister our father Yahuah sent me to you he also told me to tell you to look up Malcolm X king James then u will know how to help me please listen yahuah said

  2. sitting here in a hard place in time but this song continues to bring the Shalom of El Elohim upon me. What can mere men do unto me? I have placed my trust in Yahuah! Todah Akoti for true set apart music. I keep hitting replay as I sit and wait out this trial. You are a vessel of love. todah for you & your beautiful gift, its giving me peace of mind RIGHT NOW. Mikha’el Israel πŸ’•

    • 5 S’s & a C That’s Me! Mikah’el im sorry to hear about your trial but I am sooooo glad to hear the music is helping you… all praise to Yahuah Most High… keep looking up and trusting in Him 😌

    • Daffin Publishing Company Yahuah is so real… yes let’s trust in Him … you’re not alone sis πŸ’— was practicing another one of my songs tonight and the tears started to flow as well. It’s Yahuah… May His name be praised always πŸ’—

  3. Okay, shssss or shhh im backwards now, I love the Yah in you! You are perfect! Well, let me not be a liar ABBA is !
    you heart though, make me want to write .i am no singer unless you are deaf, blind ? it will fall on deaf ears!

  4. A flawless redention! You are truly a light! The love you have for Yah shows through your countenance. Your voice is an extension of that love. All praises to Yahweh!

  5. wow what a song….singing about yahuah….yah lead me to this youtube Channel….i dont listen to christian music like sevin hogmob,bizzle..etc nomore…all praise to our elohim yahuah…i listen to uriyah messianic rap to…yah bless….

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