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Find the truth about Lent. Is Lent a Biblical festival or is Lent rooted in ancient worship of Nimrod and Tammuz. The truth may be too much for you. Find more videos and teachings at or


20 thoughts on “Truth About Lent

  1. @yafah2 ive read bible severl times but unlike you ive read the b gita, the upanishads , koran, tao te ching, buddhas teachings, and various philosophers. the koran sez it is the revealed word and end all. why not believe them? just as good as ur say so. whats common is millions have sed they have the only real truth thru the ages and youre just another 1 of em. read the gospel of thomas written b4 the 4 gospels. b4! or the other gospels. you get your info from books that were copies of copies

  2. @yafah2 the early church wasnt clear as to who jesus was, the adoptionists claim he wasnt god but was adopted by god while he was on the cross . others sed he wasnt man but pure spirit others still he was nothing but a man. the 1st gospels not written til 50 yrs after his death. and you act like bible is clear concise ? b4 you make claims do ur homework, go read buddha, wittgenstein, sarte, the koran, make a claim , have perspective on other veiws or youre just claimin truth without full story

  3. @yafah2 mmhmm ive missed the boat cuz i dont agree with you. ive no problem with the words of jc but with ppl any person who makes claims of absolute truth without having any source but one. the one theyve chosen without even investingating the rest. i at least know what im talking about. so when you read the other holy books and philosophy then you can talk to me bout learning. make clear this isnt bout the bible or god, its about your ignorance, now run away from someone who knows what he sez

  4. I wish to say that..even though at one point in time that this was indeed a pagan festival and it was wrong. Isn’t it a good thing to correct a wrong by doing right? I believe that even though the Christian people have indeed adopted this festival and is now known as lent…

  5. now there focus is on our Lord Jesus Christ and not this tammuz you speak of…even as u quoted from the book of Ezekiel 8:13-14 God was indeed talking about tammuz NOT Jesus…so i think you NEED to rethink your thoughts on this matter.

  6. i truly think that satan has you in his grip with such thinking….and ppl!! I also believe that there is one God, one People (as God would like us to see it) but there are many religions out there! Another clever trick i believe satan does is have us fighting about religion when each religion is an avenue to Almighty God!!!

  7. just as many rivers leads to one Ocean!!! Look at it!! Each religion teaches us to love each other, treat each other with respect, serving humanity is serving God yet we only do those things when we have a religious festival coming around!!

  8. People need to wake up and STOP fighting about religions and Start Loving each other..join in the Fight against satan!!! Lets show God that we ALL love him….Lent as it is now is the coming of spring or a renewal of life

  9. the Hindus also believes this and celebrate it but under a different name…its known as the festival of Holi….People need to have a broader mind and do research on different religions….there are so many similar teachings in all, just different practices and traditions…stop looking for differences and look closely at the similarities…..all in all….have FAITH in GOD!!!!!!

  10. Thank you for sharing this truth! Lent is sun worship, started by Nimrod and his wife after the flood. These pagan practices was spread thru out the world right up until now. God said that his people perish due to a lack of knowledge. Just because all religions practice this act does not make it a HOLY thing to do. We should not worship God like the heathens worship their gods.

  11. It is nothing but ritualistic nonsense that should be left in the past. And honestly, if most of you believe that your “religions” teach people to love each other in spite of differences then you obviously haven’t read bible(s) or just like to leave the parts out about torture, slavery, murder, etc….

  12. @TreasuresOfTheLORD kool.true… can u suggest me some? using the Hebrew name of our lord. when ever u have time. thanks and God bless u 🙂

  13. if you deny the fast, you have big problems with Christian dogma.

    Old Testament

    Exodus 34:28, Deuteronomy 9:9 and 9:18, Judges 20:26, Isaiah 58.

    The Lord Himself fasted forty days and forty nights in the wilderness before starting preaching the gospel.
    Matthew 4:2, Luke 4:2.

    He teaches us how to fast
    Matthew 6:16-18

    apostles fasted too, and they have learned ther disciples to fast
    Acts 13:2-3
    2 Corinthians 6:5

  14. Yom Kippur aka The Day of Atonement is the High Day given in Lev 23 by Yah that states “afflict your beings” meaning to fast. Otherwise Messiah our High Priest fasted for 40 days and then was put to the testing/tempting of Satan. We are not commanded to fast for 40 days. It’s not in Scriptures– read first 5 books of of the Tanak known as Torah. His commands and statues are outlined clearly for us. There is no festival of lights hannukah or purim either. These such things aren’t commanded.

  15. Thanks for this! Very good vid exposing another false manmade tradition.
    Lent is when you let someone borrow something “I LENT him my car to go to the store. He better be back in a lot less than forty days!” Which would be just right, cuz he’s FASTING (going fast/speeding up) in the car I LENT him. He was WEEPING for ZUMMAT/summin/something when he had to return the car. But he said it was cuz he got the SUN in his eyes. What a NIMROD!

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