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Watch and learn the truth behind this popular holiday. Should the pagan history of cupid really matter? What do the Scriptures teach about Valentine's Day? Learn more at


8 thoughts on “Truth About St Valentine’s Day

  1. As a believe I contently have a renewal of my mind. I think differently about almost everything. It is sad how we in the body of Christ participate in pagan things. All of the holidays in the America are pagan

  2. Interesting video.

    @hellsdaleagle, if the “st. valentine” myth was really true, then how come his holiday has been removed from all the church calendars? Why wouldn’t the church leave a legit saint on the calendar?


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  3. Actually Saint Valentine or at least according to the legend was a priest who in ancient Rome married people who were not allowed to get married due to the emperor’s law which made it illegal. The emperor believing more men would be willing to join the army if they were not bound in marriage to a woman.

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